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Description of ESTJs
ESTJs are known as the "Supervisors" among the sixteen personality types.

They focus their keen observational abilities on real-time activities and facts, where they will sense the minute something is not working correctly and take immediate action.

They are down to earth and practical. You won't see ESTJs dreaming about the future. They are busy taking care of business.

They may appear cold and uncaring because they are analytical, objective and logical.

ESTJs rely on and uphold laws, guidelines, and standard operating procedures.

ESTJs are often found in management positions where they combine people skills, with their natural decision making ability.

They will work hard to ensure everything is running smoothly according to set goals and guidelines.

They can handle detailed work quite well.

They are organized, logical and outgoing.

ESTJs prefer careers where:

  • Management provides specific and realistic directions

  • There are several opportunities to demonstrate competence

  • The culture appreciates fair but tough decision making

  • The work offers plenty of opportunities to make decisions

  • You are able to maintain control over your projects

  • The work allows you the opportunity to work with and meet a wide variety of people, rather than working alone most of the time

  • The work moves at a rapid, exciting pace

  • The environment and culture gives you opportunities to think through your ideas by talking about them

  • The job is action oriented and provides for a wide variety of activities rather than being highly focused on a few tasks

  • The work is realistic, down to earth, and practical, rather than abstract and theoretical

  • The work allows you to utilize your strong memory to recall details, facts, and people

  • The work is focused on the Now not the Future, on what is rather than what could be

  • The work allows you to utilize your natural ability to analyze and make objective, logical decisions

  • The work allows you to utilize your natural ability to provide others with direction and supervision

  • The environment is more structured and disciplined, being on time and following procedure is considered important

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There is nothing i hate more than a problem that cannot be fixed immediately. If it's not I just cant move on, I sit an i worry about it until it's solved.

And agreed about the future. I love to plan, but if you take me more than a week ahead I get overwhelmed and stressed out.
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