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The ESTJ personality type will naturally take charge and manage any situation. ESTJ personality lives in a world of facts and concrete needs. You live in the present, with your eye always scanning your personal environment to make sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically. The ESTJ will naturally honor traditions and laws, and have a clear set of standards and beliefs. You expect the same of others, and at times may not have much patience with those who do not!

The above are a few of the ESTJ factors that comprise your list of personality traits you can use as a career personality profile to find a career that is a natural fit.

Extraverted with Sensing, Thinking and Judging. Your career personality profile would include the following natural tendencies among others:
• Breadth of interests
• Natural, powerful reliance upon facts
• Use of logic and analysis
• Ability and drive to organize
• Tough mindedness
• Goal directed
• Pragmatic
• Sturdy reliability

There are more natural traits making up the ESTJ self personality profile but those above indicate a natural ability for careers calling for natural management and/or administrative abilities. In addition, you are usually comfortable in a career where you can apply your normally very clear standards of what is correct, efficient and sensible. You are often therefore found in business and industry; however, any field that will allow you to demonstrate the above traits you will find naturally satisfying.

The ESTJ personality type will move naturally towards a career that will allow you to work systematically, organizing facts, policies, or people, and use time and resources efficiently toward a logical conclusion. ESTJs will also find satisfaction in a career allowing you to use mastered skills while working on concrete and straightforward assignments with clear specifications, using your strong reasoning powers. Is measured and evaluated by fair, logical, explicit, and objective standards. Is done in a friendly environment with other hardworking and conscientious people who do not bring their personal problems to work or expect you to share your personal feelings on the job.

Examples of careers often chosen by the ESTJ type as a career personality profile fit include:
• Retail and Small Business manager
• Fire Dept. Manager
• Purchasing Agent
• Trade, Industrial, Technical Teaching
• Restaurant and Food Service Manager
• Police Officer Manager
• School Principal
• Financial and Bank Manager
• Factory and Site Supervisor
• City,County, State Govt. Manager
• Sales Manager
• Corrections Officer
• Public Service Worker
• Public Service Manager
• Cleaning Service Worker
• School Bus Driver
• Insurance Agent and Broker
• Social Services Worker
• Coal Miner
• Police Detective
• Management Consultant
• Judge
• City Works Technician
• Steelworker
• Corporate Executive Manager
• Social Services Manager
• Farmer
• Law Enforcement all kinds
• Accountant
• Nursing Administrator
• Utilities Manager
• Credit Investigator
• Mechanical Engineer
• Banking
• Pathology Physician
• Military Officer/Enlistee
• Police Officer
• Chemical Engineer
• Computer Systems Analyst
• Real Estate Agent/Broker
• Auditor
• Coaching
• Guard
• Public Relations Worker
• Cook
• Office Manager
• Storekeeper
• Personnel Worker
• Craft Worker
• K-12 School Administration

The ESTJ personality will be naturally satisfied much less in careers that require a great deal of human service work or work requiring emotional care of others, such as counseling or the religious professions. The ESTJ is also found less in careers requiring attention to theoretical, abstract or symbolic material such as:
• Editor
• Fine Artist
• Minister
• Psychodrama Therapist
• Attorney Administrator(non-practicing)
• Research Assistant
• Education Consultant
• Physical Therapist
• Director of Religious Education
• Runaway Youth counselor
• Lay Member Religious Order
• Psychologist
• Social Scientist
• Crisis Counselor
• Art, Drama, Music Teacher
• Clergy
• Child Care Worker
• Designer
• Priest or Monk
• Student Personnel Worker (college)

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