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ESTJ's and cheating

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ESTJ's, what are your views and thought about cheating?

I have an ESTJ friend who seems to keep his gf a secret and is always flirting with the ladies and has even made some advances at a friend or two, yet when you ask about the way he thinks, he says he's very loyal and is just 'friendly'..

just wondering if there is a correlation with his type or if it's just HIM because i thought ESTJ's are very boundaries- based and usually have a high ethical compass..
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I am exactly the same. I think I'm incapable of cheating. There seems to just be a brick wall that stops me from considering it when I'm in a relationship.

Flirty ESTJ's? Well I have been told that I apparently lead girls on unintentionally through kindness and being friendly. I've found myself in a few pickles trying to explain that I never meant to give them the wrong impression. Maybe I should try being more of a douche :frustrating:
I know what you mean. I'm just not the cheating kind. And it's not just's just not prudent to cheat. It makes you the bad guy if there is a break up, and you need to maintain the higher ground. But I have never been even tempted.

I married a 28 year old at 19 (I wasn't pregnant). I have had to be very careful about how I converse with men because they think that if you are laughing at what they say, you want to get busy. I always had a lot of male friends, but I have had to curb my associations.

Of course, my ISFP husband of 10 years knows I would never cheat, but he is in the army, surrounded by infidelity. Occasionally when he is gone I get the phone call at 1 am:

"You'd never cheat on me, would you? If there was someone else, you'd just tell me, right?"

"Ugh, YES! I'm sleeping. Alone. Good night!" :dry:

Damn all those army wives who cat around.

Then why do many celebrity ESTj's cheat on their wives, like Sean Penn?
I don't think celebrities should count. They don't live in the real world.
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