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ESTJ's and cheating

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ESTJ's, what are your views and thought about cheating?

I have an ESTJ friend who seems to keep his gf a secret and is always flirting with the ladies and has even made some advances at a friend or two, yet when you ask about the way he thinks, he says he's very loyal and is just 'friendly'..

just wondering if there is a correlation with his type or if it's just HIM because i thought ESTJ's are very boundaries- based and usually have a high ethical compass..
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I have never cheated on my girlfriends. I've been told I have a "flirtatious" personality and don't shy away from talking to women while I'm in a relationship, but of course I am cautious with boundaries.

In the hypothetical situation I did cheat on my girlfriend, I don't think I could live with myself. I think I would fess up pretty quickly and face the music, or otherwise I might try to hide it but I'm not sure I'd be very successful. At the very least, I would feel truly bad about it regardless.
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