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ESTJ's and cheating

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ESTJ's, what are your views and thought about cheating?

I have an ESTJ friend who seems to keep his gf a secret and is always flirting with the ladies and has even made some advances at a friend or two, yet when you ask about the way he thinks, he says he's very loyal and is just 'friendly'..

just wondering if there is a correlation with his type or if it's just HIM because i thought ESTJ's are very boundaries- based and usually have a high ethical compass..
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I couldn't cheat, ever, the guilt, I am so's sick. When I'm in a relationship I only have eyes for him and my heart is his.

niweet - I think it's just HIM, as a fella - being flirty.

I'm very friendly with people too, I find it much easier talking to men (because they're not bitchy and gossipy) and I have had incidences that I make new male friends and after chatting with them they think I fancy them and ask me out, and I'm thinking "what???!!" (same response as Wickedqueen lol), and then I'm completely put off talking to them. And then I think back and wonder "How did that come across as me fancying them?" I've uhhh....even had some female strangers come onto me, and that ain't me striking up any conversation with them - I found it quite shocking and amusing :/

If I really really was interested in a guy I would actually not talk so much to him because of the intense feelings I have inside, and I'm afraid it would be so obvious...and I would be afraid of blushing as that would be the SIGN wahaha.
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I am exactly the same. I think I'm incapable of cheating. There seems to just be a brick wall that stops me from considering it when I'm in a relationship.

Flirty ESTJ's? Well I have been told that I apparently lead girls on unintentionally through kindness and being friendly. I've found myself in a few pickles trying to explain that I never meant to give them the wrong impression. Maybe I should try being more of a douche :frustrating:
And then when you act like a douche, people think you're stuck up and arrogant...can't win! It either happens that the man thinks I like him because I listen intently and am into the conversation and being nice and interested...and then he asks me out or starts looking at me differently OR the man gets scared and nervous around me - and usually this type really annoys me the most - I just think "can I not be caring and kind to you WITHOUT fancying you?" Of course I can. Just cos I'm nice to some men don't mean I fancy them, and it's more often the men I am more nice to I don't fancy them.

What?! *looks at herself* that don't make no sense. Someone knock some sense into me - I should be MORE nice to men I am interested in. :confused:
wahaha I got the meaning of douche wrong....oh American slang
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