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ESTJs On Facebook

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So I took a test about MBTI on Facebook and got ESTJ (of course! No surprise. LOL). I clicked the application and saw other ESTJs.
These were what they wrote in "About Me" on their profiles.
Some of it made me smile and giggle. :laughing:

“i treat everyone well,but if you want to screw me,oh well and i hope you HAD A GOOD LIFE. I CAN BE YOUR BEST FREND,OR YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE IF YOU'RE MY LADY I'LL DEFEND YOU TO THE DEATH”

“Who I am: Student. Tutor. Serial entrepreneur. Who I hope to be: Philosopher-warrior-poet. Protip: "Philosophy is irrelevant-- unless you want to think." Life Goals: 1. Build a library with my bare hands (and power tools). 2. Fill it with the greatest books. 3. Find a beautiful, brilliant woman to read the books with. 4. Have healthy productive children and travel frequently. 5a. Develop grand unifying theory of ethics, politics, and jurisprudence. 5b. If I must die, then to die knowing that I never sold out and that I was the change that I wished for the world. "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." -Horace Mann”

“Damn is that not enough!!! If you don't know me, I might come off as an asshole, but when you get to know me you will realize that I am an alright person. I love my friends and my family, and will do anything for them at the drop of a hat. I went to school at Smoky Mtn in Sylva, NC. Graduated in 98, and from that point on I have been living my life the way I want to without any regrets, and learning from my mistakes. Because if I didn't I would be a fool, and I hate to wonder what might have been”

“I like to be silly. I love to laugh till I cry. My work is my escape even though I bitch about it. I love my friends. I never met a dog I didnt love. Im a bit out there Im told but thats why Im interesting. I have kept up with the Jones's and hated it. Thats the past. I have grown. I am a strong woman...”

“<3.......<3..........<3 <3 ....<3...........<3.<3 <3 <3.............<3....<3 <3 ....<3.......<3........<3 <3.......<3...<3<3<3<3<3<3 I may dress like a Kappa, flirt like an AGD and party like an SK, but I have the heart of a Kappa Delta, and that's the most important of all.”

“overall, i love life and I love my God and I want to please Him with my life.”

“I am an extremely passionate person, I love my friends and family and would do damn near anything for them, i love to hang out with my friends and am always down to meet new people and have a good time !!”

“Fun, Outgoing, Spontaneous, Loyal, Challenging, Committed, Honest, Caring, oh and LOVABLE!”

“I love life and the people in it...Im a damn fool- If it pops into my head it usually comes right out of my mouth. If you cant handle the truth you better not ask me :)

“Fun and doesn't give a shit about what other people think about him, LIke's to have a good time ”

“I'm a Spontaneous Individual. Upbeat! and PASSIONATE!! about life and PEOPLE!! Absoultely LOVE TRAVEL!! And the STAGE! and MUSIC! My Two Greatest Loves. GOD is my First and Travel is my second.. I Cherish Quality times with Friends having quality Conversation over Candle lit Dinner and Good Wine in Exotic surroundings. being a Beach babe at heart..”

“About me... Well I am 27 years old, and have crashed and burned more times than should be humanly possible. However, I am finally going down the right track. I am an electrician. Been so for about 10 years, and can actually say I enjoy going to work every day. I am all-American. I'm a Conservative Republican, and have been known to get sucked into conservative talk radio. I love this country and what it stands for but I'm scared about where it's going. Also, I'm a strong supporter of the right to bear arms, and the removal of the Illegal immigrants that do nothing to contribute to this country. I have a beautiful three year old son, and a Fiance that I don't deserve. I am hopefully going to get out Florida someday and back up north or out west. I miss the cold weather and the changing seasons. My folks live in Tennessee. So does my little sister Amber. Amber is now a RN she just completed her school and started her career at a hospital in Nashville. My other little sister, Emily, was over in England but is now stationed in Las Vegas NV, serving our country in the Air Force as an f-15 crew chief. I am very proud of them both. ”

(LOL! This remind me with what I wrote to answer "Describe yourself in one word" question on "Member of The Month" interview.)

“I grew up in the small town of Mount Vernon in the Northwest of the great state of Washington. I served in the Air Force for 4 years, serving overseas in Germany and Iraq. I left the Air Force in October 2007 to pursue an education. I'm a sophomore at Oregon State University, studying Civil Engineering. I want to give my life to knowing Christ and making Him known. ”

“Theres no such thing as evil or right and wrong, all it is is a matter of perspective.”
(Ah, yes. People are like butterflies! :wink:)

“Wanting to create a system that is influenced by the principles of synergy. Why Not. Been on the other side where a system was NOT centered around synergy and didn't really like it over there. *coming soon* FYI RudKatz was not create because the people in the company are cat lovers LOL”

“I'm 53 years old with 5 beautiful and intelligent children and 4 of the cutest grandchildren. I love the Lord and am thankful that he has been by my side throughout my life. I pray daily for a Christ like heart. I have had a very eventful life, but I must say that the past 8 years and my late teens and early twenties have definitely been the most difficult. It is easy to love those who love us and difficult to love our enemies. Through my faith I will not hate anyone. It's hard to please everyone all the time. I discovered that money is the root of evil and can't buy happiness.Not all blended families are like "The Brady Bunch". I have become a stronger person for all that I have been through and I'm ready to begin a new chapter in my life. My focus is on my family, surrounding myself with positive people, and being the best man that I can be. I'm ready to live, love, and laugh again. ”

“I'm a somewhat well-adjusted husband of one, and father of five. God has been very good to me, and I am thankful.”

“Hey!! I'm Chris Originally From Detroit Now I live in Elkhart, IN. My Italian Family Is Still In Detroit. Love Them & Miss Them!! I Am A Christian & My Relationship With Christ Is Important. But I Will Not Exclude Someone Or Force My Values And Morals On Someone Else. I Stay Active By Lifting Weighting, Running Stairs & Coaching Football & Track. I Used To Play Football & Thats Still A Passion. I Am A Vol. Firefighter & EMT I Am Currently Applying For Fire Depts - Can't Wait To Do It Full-Time. I Am Always Up For Meeting New People & Doing New Things - So Anything Else... Just Ask Me.”

“Easy life, work hard, play hard, Don't get upset, Get even! Don't say I do, if you can't deliver.”
(I almost wrote that as my motto on my interview!)

“Me... Well lets start off by saying Im Nathan or Nate which ever you prefere... I currently go to CSCC to pursue a degree in Computer Information Technology: Software Development (aka Nerd) I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to movies, going to the mall, driving around, finding new and exciting places to discover... I love to swim, play hockey, roller blade, run, workout etc... im not a serious athlete, but i try to stay fit... Im fun loving, outgoing, and a laughaholic... it takes little to make me laugh... im a serious blonde sometimes, but its a great source of entertainment. Any other pieces of information I forgot to include. You know how to get ahold of me! -Nate”

“i can read braille, swim the atlantic ocean, read twenty languages, do math in my head, write concertos that rival motzart, sing 20 octaves, recite the entirety of every shakespere play. I cured cancer last week, realigned the moon and the sun, won the noble peace prize... twice, was elected president, wrote the constitution, started a rock band, told locke to suck it, defeated the commies, and solved the arab israeli conflict. I taught spider man to master his spidey senses, reincarnated dumbledore, and got home in time to cook dinner. I'm a double major in political science and international business and economics. I love international relations. I am also a member of WOW, Honor Council, and College Republicans. any questions?”

“simple guys who have big dreams living in a big world that he interested to explore and expand his point of view”

“Most people know me as Clubine, Bike, the Club, Clubber and other variants of my last name. I'm at UOIT doing my Bachelor of Education degree. I got married to my amazing wife in December and I am the cause of the threat of breaking peoples backs (Sorry Taylor).”

“I love to be a social butterfly, which is a good and a bad thing sometimes. I'm a retired dancer who has bounds of energy and survives on very little sleep. I don't believe in strangers, just people you have to reacquaint your self with.”

“Everything you need to know about me is in my name. L-Lover of Christ. I-Incredibly different. L-Loves medicine, future career. I-Immensly optomistic. Y-Yes on Prop 8. A-Ambitious. =)”

“I look good, always, but especially today, professionally fresh on display like hey, take a picture, it's not a dream, I'm flat out gorgeous. Maybe it's because I eat a lot of oranges. I don't know, I can't help it, I'm not even tryin', really, I'm hot, you think I'm lyin'? Look at my ass and pants, give it more than a passing glance, stare at it a while." -Buck 65's I Look Good Synesthesia”

“Music is my Therapy. Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations are my Life. True friends are Precious! Time is Uncontrollable. Individuality is Everything...”

“Husband, Father of 5, Life Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur. Work hard - play hard. ”
(Ah! Another "Work hard, Play hard" motto!)

“Hey if you wanna know just ask, but for those of you who don't, I'm the least typical teenage guy I know. I love reading, making cool stuff in blacksmithing, hanging out with my friends, enjoying college life, and fixing real life problems (not some made of problem in a book!)”

“I was born in Boise Idaho i was raised by my grandparents from them i learned to be honest and live every day like its your last. I feel like everyday should be lived to your highest expectations. Dont judge people. Be honest and open and love the world”

“I am a passionate man who loves Jesus Christ as his savior and lord, Kimberly Manigault and our children. My passion causes me to stand for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I love leadership but know how to follow. Enjoy fun but know the importance of being serious. I love life and look forward to eternity!”

“i love hanging out with my friends :)

“I am now living in Atlanta Georgia from St. Louis, Mo. by way of Tulsa, Oklahoma...... Friendship is Essential to the Soul!”

“I love computers and art. I'm a programmer, I code, I script, I think. I like to wax philosophical. I'm a rebel and if you try to change me, I'll just give you a blank look! Mostly. Unless I want it. Anyway, no need to get that personal eh? I like making procedural graphics and fractals with my code. My work is very important to me, and yours should be to you, too. Not because you need to make money, but because, well, don't you get BORED? I need to have adventure. Work is sort of like that - although I prefer a nice junkyard or a broken-down industrial complex, some nerf bats, and a batch of shrooms. Shrooms optional. Drugs = fun, not the other way around! Remember: not all things are commutative.”

“I am a junior at Olentangy Liberty High School, and am involved in countless things. There really aren't enough hours in the day, and sometimes I just forget to relax. I am a nice guy, and try to achieve my best in life.”

“Passionate rugby player, fast runner, servant leader, curious scholar, dedicated soldier, loyal friend and loving son. Sounds like something I might hear at my funeral.”

“`I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome! :p `I Work like I don't need the $, I Love like I've never been hurt, I Dance like no one's watching and I Fuck like I'm being filmed!”

“I'm a project director, writer, husband, and father of two daughters living in Boston. My wife is a cancer researcher, and she not only shares my passion for helping others, but she is also my best friend. In the public sector, I served two terms on my town's finance committee, and I still remain involved in local government. I hold an MBA from Boston College and a PMP from the Project Management Institute -- the leading global association for the project management profession. The things I love most in life are my family, my friends, and my relationship with God. I enjoy writing, and I especially like writing about history and leadership. I believe that the key to success in life is found in the relationships we keep. And relationships are built on trust and honesty. It's my personal life mission to build community with those around me and to consistently leave a positive, lasting impact on others. ”

“I'm a very happy woman! I have a wonderful husband who I seriously miss when he's not around! We got married May 2002 and no kiddos... yet. We talk about it every now and then. We have two cats - Yuna and Link. For those that know the names - SWEET! For those that don't - Yuna was a character I liked in Final Fantasy X and Link is the main character in Zelda - yes both video games! :) I'm going to school full time while working full time. Jason is studying aviation - he's attempting to attain a pilots license. He loves planes and cars. :) Ok.. I love cars too - some great engineering! I love hanging out with my girlfriends - I have to admit - I feel very fortunate!! I have a great family and friends! ”

“I love my husband, children, and grandchildren! I love my siblings, and my friends all over! God blessed me with a wonderful daughter that has been so easy all of her life and loves Tracy as her own father!! That is such a blessing for stepparents. 3 step children , Tracy's 3 beauties that have beautiful spirits!! I have four beautiful grandchildren. Cana, Josiah Chloe and Laela.... Lynn They are all very special to us... blessings from the God of all creation. I stand in awe.”

“I have recently closed a very long chapter to my life and about to begin a new one! I am a very laid back guy who loves his friends with his whole heart. I am hopeless romantic and wish things could be like the black & white movies for yester years, but alas I am a realist and know that it can not be that way. I am a goofball, constantly cracking jokes at my own expense. You can't go through life being so serious all the time and one way to make sure you don't is to laugh at yourself every now and then. I am in the process of learning who I truly am and am so freaking excited about that. I love, love, love my niece and nephews and hope to have children of my own someday. I don't regret anything I have done, as I try to not make the same mistake twice. I live each say as if it were my last, not passing up any opportunity to talk to someone new, try something new or even learn something new. Going through life with blinders is not good for the soul. I am looking for someone to ”

When I read those, what I get is that ESTJs are bunch of passionate, positive, productive, and happy people. We love God. We love our family and friends. We love our job. We love our life. We are confident and narcissistic people. We are proud of ourselves. We love to laugh. We are grateful for what we have. And we living our life to the fullest!

Aren't we gorgeous? :cool:
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"I aspire to be Martha Stewart. She is my hero. Well, minus the insider trading and jail time... I am studying Biology at ---- University, but am also getting my MBA. I was in the Air Force for about two years, learned a lot, but glad I'm free. I'm a free spirit, an advocate of free thought, and I'm a Republican. I love children, love the beach, love animals, love dark chocolate and red wine... I try to deny my love for drama but it always finds me!"

That's mine!
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My best friend's (also an ESTJ)

"To be honest, i have realized what i want in life and am going after it. I have good friends and a great relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe i can do all things through Him."

My friend's 13 year old daughter (a young and blossoming ESTJ)

i get pissed easily.
i have problems with my life. who dosent?
if im mean to you, you most likley deserved it,
im hard to figure out.
love me? hate me? i could care less.
i dont care what peopple think of me.
talk behind my back? your problem
&& my name must taste good cause its allways in someones mouth.
everyone talks about everyone , its called being human.
dont let it hurt you, just because people are jealouss.
i mean if i was you, i would be jealous too:)
mess with me? your coool.
mess with my friends? you will regret the day you openeed your mouth.
think im kidding? try me!
i hate liars.
and im not a big fan of meeting new people.
yes im crazy
i run around.
but mess with me or my friends? hunny your in for a rude awakeing.

> point of all this is , leave me alone... and i wont mess with you.:)
have a nice lifee.
want me in it? make it happen your self. cause im done trying.
if you want me in.. talk to meee
"To be completely honest, I spend way too much money on Starbucks."

I'm thinking about adding the "work hard, play hard" quote.
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so i'm lurking around this ESTJ site bc apparently ESTJs are an ideal match for INFJs. heheheheee it's nice to see that you guys are passionate about life.
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I think ESTJs are the people I don't have the courage to be. In the way that they don't care about what people think or feel about them. I wish I could be more like that. We have our disagreements, but I'm quite impressed with the way they handle themselves and are worry free.

I'm quite similar when it comes to 'mess with me, ok. mess with my friends, prepare to die.'

ETA. Mikeus, I spent like...100 dollars on Starbucks in two weeks once. But I've learned to control myself (kinda)!
Yea I have read this from few PerC members and have heard it a lot from my friends when they're talking about me. I think this is one of our traits that other types some times wish to have. I think this is why ESTJs seem to be "worry free" to you, because we aren't afraid of other people's opinion of us and we're not afraid of conflicts/risk/future.
I think ESTJs are the people I don't have the courage to be. In the way that they don't care about what people think or feel about them. I wish I could be more like that. We have our disagreements, but I'm quite impressed with the way they handle themselves and are worry free.
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