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Oh okay, thanks! From what I've seen he doesn't really care what people think, sometimes he does random things like screaming out loud (usually in the company of children, and they always love him and laugh at him). He is like a big child sometimes and he always talk to my friends. He always make sure everyone has a good time. I don't know if this has anything to do with Fe/Fi though, but I hope it helped a little :)

I could also add that he likes sports alot, and his motorcycle. And he has a hard time saying no to things.
A lot of guys like sports and motorcycles and both the ESFP and the ESTP parent are playful. I wouldn't say I ever have a hard time saying no to my kids though.

I dated an ESFP guy for two years. He was a fun guy until his temper flared up. He experienced a lot of ups and downs. The ESFP is highly emotional, they can mood swing and show more emotional outbursts than the ESTP. They are some of the nicest people until you piss them off. I think they are better at using encouraging words, we are better at showing we care. I find ESFP guys make jokes about themselves and can be more goofy than ESTP men. Their face shows more emotion and they don't have our stare, the eyes move around their surroundings more. ESTP men like to get up and go places, they like to experience more fun while the ESFP may not need to seek out adventure but is more happy performing for others.
I think the main difference is the display of emotions. You will see that an ESTP, although expressive, will not emit much emotion.
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