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ESTP Type Relationships

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Type Relationships for ESTPs:
Identity ESTP


Complement ESTJ
Not soulmate
Parent-Parent complex

Contrast ISTJ
Left brain

Supplement ENFJ
Not Soulmate
Child- Child Complex

Anima INFJ
Right brain dominant

Suitemate ENTJ
Parent complex
Parent ESTP with child ENTJ.

Cohort INTJ
Not Soulmate

Companion ESFP

Tribesman ISFP

Advisor ESFJ
Child complex
Parent ESFJ with child ESTP.

Pedagogue ISFJ

Enigma ENFP

Novelty INFP

Neighbor ENTP

Counterpart INTP
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Type Relationships for ESTPs:
Identity ESTP
wow interesting... i only know a few of my friends types, but several of those are right on the money:

ISFJ - pedagogue , mom is ISFJ /1
ESTJ - parent-parent complex, dad is ESTJ/1... my 8 and him butted constantly
INTJ - anima , brother is INTJ/5, i picked on him constantly growing up... trying to teach him to be stronger/ready
ESFJ - advisor, bff known 30+ years

where can i find the rest of these type relationships lists?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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