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So according to the websites mapped out for you below, (Read the whole thread before going to the website.) only 4 percent of the population share my symptoms of an ESTP.

(Turns out after writing the whole thing I can't post. /Sigh. I forgive you delicious cup of personality cofe. Spammers ruin it for everyone.)

*Check out, 16 personality types dot com -> type descriptions -> ESTP and ESFP*

Right next door,

we ESFP's have 7.5 percent in this similair, yet opposite personality type. Since fate & Irony would have it, they get together on Wednesdays for poker, I'm the raccoon living in the alley way. I Display all these traits at varying times throughout my everyday life. Fortunately for the world, if these statistics are true, then only .3 percent of the population are like me.

Anyone got any advice?

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Hi and welcome! There are so many knowledgeable and helpful people here at the cafe. I have so much to learn, myself. Hope you enjoy the process of gaining more insight!
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