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ESxJs vs ENxJs, which are better at sports?

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Auxiliary Si vs tertiary Se
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Reality: Whoever is dedicated to fitness and physical technique of that sport. There are out of shape people of both types and others who are in shape but not actually fit whatsoever. It's impossible to make generic statements about either type's physical ability and have them hold up consistently in reality.

In parallel universe of typology: ESxJ assuming their type translates to socionics as-is. In socionics, ESxj have 3D (3 dimensional) creative Si and 4D demonstrative Se whereas ENxj have 2D Se and 1D Si (their vulnerable spot). Meaning ESxj have much more capable sensory functions. They can understand it in ways that ENxj can't. So if you compare ESxj and ENxj who are:
- equally capable at the beginning
- equally interested
- able to dedicate an equal amount of time to learning a sport without any additional time to do research, get extra coaching or anything
Then the ESxj will learn much faster and be able to process sensory techniques (using both Si and Se) in ways that the ENxj can't because of access to those extra dimensions for their sensing functions.
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