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Thick skinned INFJ - any type really. I find debate most difficult with extraverted thinker types because debate with does seem to follow this king of the mountain kind of pattern: King on the Mountain. They make a statement, and its teh truth, and you either agree and swallow it, or you disagree and make counter-statement to challenge it, and then they will challenge you back, and on it goes. It is sorta like debate on their terms, and Ti/Te can misunderstand each other.

INTJs at times debate in alike manner with their Te but Ni gives them more uncertainty, more awareness of multiple perspectives. I find INFJs are sort of in-between INTJs and INTPs - we want a bit more philosophical/imaginative debates than INTJs are interested in but find that INTPs can take it way further than we'd want to take it, and can thus lose interest ourselves. Why INTPs are cool for this also is because they have Fe not Fi. INTJ Ni is backed up by Fi so their arguments can be internally judged as the right ones. INTP are more into this exploring possibilities to find truth, so they don't start from view point that they have the right and most logical conclusion but are trying to get there in course of debate.

ENFJs easy to discuss things with but sometimes I find it is playing a bit like catch-up with each other, where one person slightly misunderstands then catches up, then other person slightly misunderstands, and so on, but very much in tune usually. INFPs similar interests but somehow plentiful misunderstandings, so you come to agree to disagree at times. ENTPs are great to talk to but have to be careful not to criticize their ideas too much. They also can get really really carried away with those and dance all over the idea field saying one thing is true then 10 minutes later that the opposite thing is true. ISTPs good to debate but may abruptly end it.
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