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... as most frequently described by other people.

I thought that maybe listing all of the accusations I receive regularly from others could help confirm/identify my type or its functions.

This is what I have been often told by others:

"You're insensitive." - Because I often neglected or downplayed the emotional needs of other people. Sometimes when a person tells you about his problems or worries, he wants you to pamper and/or pity him. But I always feel obliged to fix his problem, and give the best advice possible, whilst often giving zero emotional support. I also sometimes forget to call and congratulate people with holidays or birthdays, brushing it off as "well, it's just a stupid holiday, it's not like it should affect our relationship.... right?"

"You're an asshole." - My own security depends on honesty. I prefer people to be honest about what they think of me, and I want to be honest in return. I do this because I genuinely think that honesty is more helpful than making someone feel better. Fake compliments are dangerous, because they may distort your understanding of how others perceive you. If you don't know your own flaws, then you can't fix them. If you can't fix your flaws, you'll remain shit tier. I want to fix my flaws, and I want to help others fix their own flaws just as much. This sentiment is so strong in me, that I actually perceive fake or semi-fake compliments as attacks against me.

"Please tune down your aggression!" - If I get triggered for whatever reason, I'll feel strongly compelled to absolutely destroy the person that crossed me. I will undertake all possible means of achieving this, both verbally and if necessarily, physically. I will try to portray him as stupid, uncultured, weak, unworthy. And I will continue pushing until he recognizes his defeat and asks for a truce. I will readily accept his apology and sign the said truce, but will internally feel awkward about it. Because the only reason I charged into battle was to satisfy my desire to destroy him, and not to hear an apology from him.
Likewise, if someone would try to trap me in a room, I'd end up breaking the door down. For one, I'd be pissed about getting trapped. Secondly, I'd use my "pissed" state to fuel my physical aggression towards the door.

"Stop joking about important matters!" - Since I'm an optimist by default, I tend to look at everything, including every tragedy, from a positive perspective. Sometimes this goes too far, and I might end up making jokes about things that shouldn't really be joked about.

"You're so narrow-minded!" - I have a somewhat weird paradox. On one hand, I tend to detach morality from the process of observing the world, taking in as much information as possible, and trying to make "objective" sense of it. I don't jump to judging things as "right" or "wrong", and I try to see the potential positive contribution of every phenomenon, opinion, law, ideology. But after digesting all of that inside of me for prolonged periods of time, I arrive at white-and-black conclusions, which I can't really motivate to other people. This is because the final conclusion and moral judgement is so intricate and complex, or is based on an extremely long logical-chain, that explaining why I dismiss or support something would require me to give a 24h+ lecture, and nobody ain't got time for that! So in the end, I might come off as saying "this is bad" or "this is good", and "I'm right because I spent so much time reaching that conclusion, unlike you!"

"You're too manipulative!" - When I talk, I tend to fill in gaps with bullshit I come up with on the spot. I tend to very easily either downplay or over-blow things, and do it in a very convincing manner. Sometimes this happens against my intention, automatically/subconsciously. Likewise, I'm very good at dodging direction questions, and giving a person an answer that sounds like "an answer", but doesn't really answer the question. I'm good at using half-truths, which helps me sound confident in what I say (because a half-truth is still a truth, just with some omitted details), while achieving the goals of a convincing lie.

"You're too critical!" - I usually always point out everything a person does wrong, be it how they talk, how they walk, how they sit, how they think, how they work. Even though I think I do it in a moderately soft manner, not yelling or accusing them of anything, just pointing it out. But some very often tend to take offense in it.

"You always come up with reasons to justify not doing something." - When I dislike something, when I'm scared of something, or when I'm flat out too lazy to engage with something, I will always come up with a multitude of very intricate and "colorful" reasons as to why I should avoid engaging with it. I can write a whole essay on why I don't want to do X.

"Stop scaring people off." - By default I tend to view every stranger as an enemy, which is a weird paradox, because I'm also by default very trusting. To illustrate this: Before a person speaks, I will be mentally prepared to tackle him. But when he speaks, I will take his words for fact, without even second-guessing what he said. I constantly feel that I'm "competing" with everyone around me (except my family/friends), and my self-fulfillment and self-worth depends on how well I am prepared to defend and fight.

"Stop overlooking details and facts." - I tend to be impatient when carrying out tasks. So if I'd write a report on a book (for example), instead of reading the whole book I would just pick out a few random chapters, skim them, but write my opinion as though I've read the whole book. I will also focus attention on details that support my opinion, and downplay/neglect details that go against my opinion.

"You're overdoing it!" - I have a very noticeable tendency to overdo everything. And I mean everything. If I am upset and/or engage in a conflict, I will make it seem worse than it is, and then actually truly make it worse than it originally was. If I take up a physical workout routine, I'll damage my health due to overexercising. If I need to drink medicine to deal with an illness, I'll drink too much and suffer the side effects. If I'll be given a hunting knife and told to bring a tree branch, I'll be gone for 1-2 hours and come back with a whole tree (which I chopped down using a knife). If I'll be told to go buy tea, I'll bring 3 boxes of tea. If I'll be asked to fix a broken device, I'll fix it, swap its parts, and then maybe end up buying a new one to replace it.

"Your head is always stuck in the clouds. When will you finally come down to earth?" - I tend to spend too much time discussing either very distant things/events, or things that have no tangible meaning/use in the current moment. And I tend to do this to the point of annoying people. Some say I live in an alternative reality, others say I observe life (even my own life) as if it was a theatrical play, while myself sitting in the audience.

"Learn to accept compliments/gratitude!" - I often feel very uncomfortable when being praised, complimented or thanked. I will always try to downplay praise directed at me, sometimes to the point of annoying the person who went out of his way to praise me. If someone says "Thank you!" I'll answer with "Mhm." or "Huh...", if someone says "I like your style/taste", I'll respond with "Nah...", if someone asks "What gift do you want as gratitude?", I'll respond with "Nah, no need, none." and if someone says "You're smart.", I'll answer with "Anyway..."
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