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Procrastination You Are Not So Smart

I would post this somewhere else, but I figured that it's something that really struck a chord with me (moreso than any other article on the subject) so it would be most applicable in the INFP section (and as a new thread to incite discussion). That, and I know it won't attract any comments here that I'll take personally whereas if it's posted somewhere else on PC... anything could happen :laughing:

So, what do you all think? Personally, I think that focusing on the fact that doing something now is kind of like helping someone else out (even if it really is just your "future" self) really appeals to our (for lack of a better word) selflessness, but somewhat validates doing something for ourselves without the usual feelings of "I really should be doing something for someone else" or that you shouldn't be doing something to better your own life. If that makes any sense, of course.

PS. I apologise for the somewhat disjointed structure of the above sentence... it's more a stream of consciousness with bracketed notes to explain why I'm saying what I'm saying. It's how I work!
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