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Name - Preferred Name
Aaron - Edward Wang Hwe Pepel Cybulski (the) 4th
If the Serotonin is right [and/or if I can gleefully escape into a mutual desired fantasy with my (extremely) significant other...I mean Male
Current Destination
United States
Desired Destination
A safe and stable environment where I am allowed to learn through exploration and am not inhibited by excessively strict rules and regulations.
Literal Age - Maturity
22 - Undefined

Myers-Briggs Type - Personality Theory Experience
I do not yet feel that I have a good enough grasp of the functions to definitely determine which type I am. - However, through speculation of my past actions and thoughts, and through active examination of my current motivations behind present actions, I feel that I may be an ENTP.
What Myers-Briggs type do you usually test as?
I have not taken the extensive/standard Myers-Briggs test but have taken a plethora of non-standard online Myers-Briggs tests and have concluded that they are not very helpful in determining Myers-Briggs type in relation to self reflection and contemplation. However, I remember testing as mostly INTP and INTJ, both of which use functions which are polar opposite to one another.
Which Myers-Briggs Personality type do you like/dislike being around.
As stated earlier, because I feel like I do not have a good enough grasp on the functions I use, let alone what others use, I can't really accurately say, however I would speculate that an over bearing use of the Extroverted Judging functions would stress me out.
Other personality tests results?
I have taken a lot of them but I can't remember any.

Current Occupation
College student undecided in Major but leaning in the direction of Psychology and Architecture.
Dream Occupation
Where my procrastination and resilience in dealing with routine and mindless procedures is rewarded with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

About You
Who I Am - What I Want
I often feel that I am at either side of two extremes. I enjoy challenge and learning. I dislike routine. I like stimulating conversation and pancakes.

Anyway that's all I'm going to write for now, see ya.

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Type Me

Okay, I'm going to change this around since it may help me get responses. Please respond! :mellow:

-Learning through exploration; I can get bored if I am not able to take a hands-on approach to what I am learning, I have to be able to relate to it.
-Understanding the "essence" of things in my own way; Being able to relate the meaning behind new information to other things which I have already experienced and have a firmer understanding of.
-Having enough alone time; I start to become stressed if I'm in a situation where I am forced to be around others for prolonged periods of time.
-Stimulating conversation; Being able to discuss interesting idea's with others who share the interest..

-Excessive rules and restrictions; Anything that's too close-minded and/or unreasonable/uncompromising.
-One-sided conversations; I enjoy conversation but not lecturing or being lectured to, if I wanted that I'd just watch TV or talk to a wall.
-Boredom; Lack of inspiration or willingness to do something.

-I feel confused when it comes to people and morals, whenever I hear someone talking about how so-and-so has a bad habit of overeating/smoking/(insert something unhealthy) and then do something that isn't the same but extremely similar in principle I feel annoyed but then tell myself that feeling annoyed is a bad habit and stop but then worry about the negative health affects of suppressing "feelings" and then realize that worrying will only cause more buildup and then decide that I should let that person know about their hypocrisy so that they might gain a better understanding of their viewpoint and then become worried about hurting their feelings even though I understand that the short-term consequences encompassing the repercussions of their possible anger would be worth the long-term benefits of their reconciliation and then end up feeling incompetent and obsessing over my own inadequacies, eventually realizing that I don't have to be perfect but that I should gain a better understanding of my own viewpoints.

If you would like me to clarify anything please ask. :happy:

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Very probably an ENTP. There's the typical dominant Ne communication style - purposely random and a bit overbearing. Seems more like a thinker than a feeler; a feeler would mention their feelings, and this introduction deals more with rational thoughts and conclusions.
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