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she went off and brooded for half an hour or so. and so then we had this:

her: there is no reason to have that bucket.
me: i'm not saying you're wrong. but i can't tell you that i agree.
her: but whyyyyyyyy. what is the purpose of this? what is the meaning of life? why are we here? what's it all for?
me: stop that.
her: sorry. Why am I bothering to create a bucket that I'm never gonna use? Just to make sure creating works?
me: nooo. that would be a separate test.
her: ...
me: um, possibly just to make sure that there actually is a bucket
her: but I'm not going to use it!
me: because 'aint no buckets here at all' is qualitatively different from 'THIS bucket you're naming by name does not exist'
her: why do I care if you exist, if my mission is to punch buttface?
me: um.
me: 'failed to punch buttface' is a different result when the reason is
'could not FIND buttface'. compared with 'no humans on planet, did not even go looking for this one'
her: ow
me: i think i see what they're doing. you want to make sure the first condition is met in order to get you past it and be certain you're actually verifying the second one.
her: ....

me: i'm not saying it's a test that serves any useful purpose. i'm just saying that it's a test i might do.
her; heh.
me: it's a "null not same as zero" idea
her: butbutbut
her: I don't WANT to punch you!
her: I'm not going to TRY to punch you!
her: If I saw you , I wouldn't punch you!
her: But I DO want to punch buttface!

her: I don't understand QA
me: lol. null is different from 0, right?
her: very. i get what you're saying. there are just many other tests that test deleting buckets
me: we have subtle and devious minds, basically
her: heh
me: and too much time on our hands

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more buckets.
me: people downstairs left six hours ago for a weekend away, and for six hours i have been hearing worrying water noises down there. i held out against my own neurosis until 1:42 and then called the landlords. now waiting for x to bike up here in his pj's to look at it.
sister: that sounds fun.
me: FACE.
me: god. first he'll go in and witness the flood, if it is a flood. then he'll stand around dithering for seven minutes or so, then he'll wobble away on his bike to go pick up his tools. phone me once he gets there to ask me in six different flavours of hopeful voice if i'm still hearing it. and then finally he'll manifest at 9:23 am with nine relatives.

time passes
me: dribbling toilet. thank god. easy fix. and then he wants to stand around at 2:30 am socializing.
her: good grief.
her: our toilet has packed up.
me: what. this second? did i make that happen? shit, sorry.
her: yesterday.
me: noooooo. but phew.
her: there's a plastic flange on the buckety bit that the blockety widgety thingy sits in. and it has broken.
me: what happens now? litter box? consider embracing your inner bear? liquid diet?
her: BUT, the plastic flange can't be fixed.
me: why not.
her: the whole widgety thing can't be removed.
her: the cistern can't be replaced.
her: we're having to buy a whole new toilet because a plastic flange 2mm by 8mm has snapped.
me: new house? just run away?
her: they're all like that here. random plumbing bought off a guy who knew a guy who had a line on a warehouse full of ex-soviet romanian toilets or some such.
me: can you splint it with chopsticks?
her: I would. i'm all about the duct-tape and coathanger life. but [husband] is more fastidious.
me: easy for men to say. they get to pee on trees and suchlike if they want.
her: he regularly pees on the compost heap.
me: kindly leave the stage.
her: it's good for it. apparently.
me: .... sorry, you called him fastidious?

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My brother and I

ENFP: Why do guys enjoy drifting?
INFJ: You’d never understand until you try it.
ENFP: Hold on, you tried drifting?
INFJ: Yes, in a desert.
ENFP: Ahaaaaaa.....
INFJ: Hey. Do NOT attempt to drift.
ENFP: Never said I will!
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ENFP 2w3 sp/so
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ENFP, endless ranting: “Oh my god I’m so busy I have so much to do. Whenever I try to get work done I get easily distracted, now that the deadline is getting closer the stress is hitting me hard. Time to work like a maniac!”

receives message from cousin
ENFJ: “Free today?”
ENFP: “Free for you ;)
ENFJ: “Okay might come over.”
ENFP: existential crisis
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