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receives chocolate bunny
immediately begins unwrapping the bunny
Her: "Are you gonna eat it now!?"
Me: ??? When am I supposed to eat it? Am I meant to save it for later?
Her: "I'm saving mine for desert later"

Inferior Se don't give a shit, I'm eating it now

Cookie Monster 🍪
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Me: Can you [redacted]?
Back office: I can’t on my own authority.
Me: Ok. But you can do it?
Back office: I can... on your authority.
Me: Well, I need it done.
Back office: So you want me to do it?
Me: -thinking-
Back office: Give me the word and I’ll do it.
Me: ... do it.
Back office: Power feels good, doesn’t it?
Me: Yes. 😏
Back office: 😆 Ok, done.
4001 - 4002 of 4002 Posts