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Any ESTP's that keep really busy until they just have nothing left? I try to find balance, but there are all these things I want to do and there aren't as many hours in the day as I have things to fill them with. Is this typical ESTP behaviour? I find things/people I like/care about and engross myself in them. That's fine if it's home stuff. But when I get carried away, we're hardly ever home and then I have to play catch up with the mess when I'm returning home because I've tired myself out.

There's just so much happening!
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Hun, I do this weekly. Every time a week or month passes I feel like I still didn't get everything done that I wanted. It's infuriating but you have to try and be selective. I write tons of lists to help the pressure. I also try to remember to actually applaud myself when I get something done. Actually 'completing' things can take a while, but nothing compared to other MBTI types I've noticed!!!
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