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I know what you're thinking- what!? This experiment is likely only to apply to NFs or ESFXs and even then, probably only really fits type 4s...possibly 2s! Okay so maybe some of you aren't thinking that. But to be honest, this experiment, I'm hoping to dig a little deeper. Everyone has an idealised way of seeing themselves. But how might this be different from NTs to NFs from NFs to SFs from SFs to STs so forth. Maybe for some types this might not even be an issue. Let's see how they differ and maybe it can help people type themselves in future by seeing which they relate to.

Okay, so I don't want to state a hypotheses only out of not wanting the answers to be swayed in any shape or form but if this post gets around 20 replies, I will state what the hypotheses was. Actually, nah I'll just say it. It's not that exciting..Actually no, I'll do it after. You guys will probably be able to guess where I'm coming from.

So here are my questions:

1. What is your mbti (w/enneagram if possible) type?

My MBTI for seven years, every time, came up INTJ; for the year (not "calendar" year), it most often comes out INTP (MBTI) or INTp (Socionics); sometimes, though not frequently, I tested INFP or INFJ (two times each, perhaps?) and otherwise, I considered those types based on reading Riso and Hudson and taking their test online as well as in one of the enneagram books.

My Enneagram comes out 5w4; 6w5 or 4w5 with a side of 1. Never any other variation.

2. Do You Have A Certain Way You'd Prefer To Be Perceived? (If no, skip to question 6)

3. How Would You Like To Be Percieved vs How You Actually Are? (You Can Do Desired MBTI Type vs Real MBTI Type If This Is Easier)

4. Why do you idealise the above traits/character mentioned in question 3?

5.How do you feel when you do something that contradicts your idealised self?

6.How consciously do you put in effort to be your idealised self?

I tried a lot more when I was between the ages of, say, 8 and 13, but I had never heard of Personality Typing, so instead, I tried to be what my birth mother expected, rewarded, and didn't give me grief about: Christ-like "The Peacemaker" while repressing anything that went against what she made clear I "was" or "ought to be."

I am not religious, although I studied world religions, and for a long time had a conflict with trying to find some way to fit into a broad category "Christian" without an entity god, heaven, hell, Eternity and so on.

Now? If I have an idealized self, it's shifting so fast I can't catch it to describe it in a post, that's for sure.

7. Do/would you take it as an insult when you are described in a way you wish you weren't. This doesn't necessarily mean you react emotionally toward the person because they might not mean it in a bad way, but it does have that same effect?

I have auto-immune and cervical/lumbar spine disease, plus a couple others, so the answer for this: Only when the pain and isolation gets to me; otherwise other than my husband's opinion--his getting my motivation wrong, or something else important to me, I don't much care as I don't know the persons, say, online who are misreading me and they don't know me.

It's some stranger's or acquaintance's opinion, and boy howdy, how they change from the same person, sometimes in the same day, so really?

Waste of energy; and if I am not in pain, it's mildly amusing or boring--depending on how the "mistake" is worded.

8. How do you face/become being told to change in an aspect of your personality by a person who holds a lot of meaning to you?

Again, it's only my husband whose opinion I value that much, so when he's asked this of me, it stings or worse as I cannot change some inherent part of my personality at the snap of "his" fingers, or anyone else's. I can only change slowly, if I desire it.

Aside from him, if the person desiring the change holds no real power to take away something essential such as shelter, clothing or food, I dismiss their wanting to change me as a control issue for that person to deal with, not me.

9. Do you idealise others?

I used to idealize a few persons--many authors; a few leaders such as, say, Margaret Sanger or Jesus of Nazareth. I've outgrown that. I can't think of anyone I idealize, or anyone that I have...

OK, Kris Kristofferson would be the most recent, but with him too, I placed him where he belongs: In the human category, Human Situation, and therefore though I will grieve some when he leaves this world, it won't be the passing of an idol.

10. Do you feel as respected or as responsible as others?

This is, perhaps, a bit too broad: What others? All people, including serious criminals have their admirers and such. I can't possibly quantify whether I am respected more or less; or responsible more or less than... You gave no comparison I could conceive in order to answer this one, i.e. too broad.

The best I can do is do a "Personal Best," and say that many persons have and do respect me; and as for being responsible, I have a long way to go in order to satisfy my definition of that term in regards to my capacities... and my failures to use them skillfully.

All right-y, all done. Thanks for responding. I know it's long, but I'm just interested.

I'm glad I ran across the thread.

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