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- Sleep deprivation, caffeine & marijuana inducing mania.
- Could be a benifical tool if used wisely.
- Highly motivated people live life in manic states.

It seems using sleep deprivation (4-6 hours sleep) a stimulant (caffeine) and preferably a psycoactive (marijuana) to "smooth the rough edges" can induce manic symptoms (racing thoughts, hypersexuality, grandure, euphoria, motivation etc)

With this process I can reliably induce manic symptoms in myself enough to expand the range of things that are a turn on considerably.

I'm 24, male and not diagnosed but have a family history of aspergers.

It's well known that lack of sleep is correlated with psychosis so it makes sense on a general level and is an interesting thought that alot of everyday highly motivated people live life with self induced mania and manias possible benifical role in evolution.

I have found this tool to be very useful in getting out of creative and motivational low points but when done more than twice per week can cause excessive neurotic thoughts/behavior.

Thoughts & comments?

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What you are describing is hypomania. However, I have no doubt that if continued it could get worse.

Yeah, as someone who almost starved himself to death and threw away 90% of his possessions including $700 watches and highly nostalgic items (papers I wrote as a kid, diaries, journals) because 'god' told him to during his last mania w/psychosis...this is SO not something you want to be doing. If I hadn't been piously OCD on top of bipolar, I probably would have gotten STD's, given my boss the finger/gotten fired, day-traded my savings away, and maybe been arrested for driving too fast or DUI...not to mention ruining relationships with friends and family and burning bridges.

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