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Is it possible to explain my enneagram and instincts like this?

  1. 5w4. Self preservation. "What I am."
    My dom. Where I feel the most comfortable / secure. Lone wolf / introversion / thinking / puzzling.
    Leads to my numb, bitter, gloomy self. Leads to my minor anxiety, and minor depression.
  2. 7w6. Sexual. "What I want."
    Physical affection / soul mate, etc. Leads me into a form of paranoia; afraid of losing what I have
    or can get (e.g. relationship). Leads me to panic attacks and moderate depression.
  3. 3w2. Social. "What I need / should."
    Where I build myself up to become stronger. I am set on earning and spending. I eat right, work
    out, and get things done without question. But with greatness comes a larger fall -- -- it leads me
    into major / clinical depression, and a dangerous one at that.
But there is also a forth. My 8w9. It is the one I have locked away, never to be seen again. The one I
formed from childhood. It was the one that led me to be active, go out and have fun, play games like
soccer. Problem was, it also made me uncontrollably angry. AND, as soon as I quit e.g. soccer - the one
place I could vent off my anger - it led me to become violent, dangerously violent. Which is one of the
most important reasons why I've cut my 8w9 completely off. I think, over the years from I was 16 and
up to 20, I have slowly pushed my 8w9 (the one I was supposed to have) aside for various reasons.
Reasons like; how angry and violent I became. And now that I am here, as 5w4, I puzzle as to why
I do not feel like myself, and feel like nobody understands me, why no matter what- I feel alone, at
the same time as I kind of want to be alone.

I don't know, does any of this make sense? And would it be possible to set my Enneagram and instincts up
like this to further explain my own personality?
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