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EXPRESS YOURSELF with orignal music, covers & music related conversation. INFP ONLY

I am wanting a combination of expression and discussion in this thread. If you want to post a song you recorded or talk about a song someone else shared, this place is for you. Keep the discussion fun, entertaining, and relative. Discussions, such as how your Fi and/or Ne affect how you play music, are fair game- just try to avoid the obvious cliches and stereotypes.

If you have an original creation or a cover that you would like to share, please post it in this thread! When posting covers, if possible, provide any tabs, chords, or lyrics (you can do this with your original creations if you are willing to share). You can use youtube to post your music, but this is not a "post what you are listening to" thread.

This thread is designed for INFPs- please respect this rule. Ultimately, this is a place for those of us who enjoy playing, and enjoy discussing what we play. Don't be a critic, and leave judgmental and elitist attitudes in the place where you are- not in this thread. In addition, please be respectful of privacy concerns, and do not judge based upon a users choice to show himself or herself via camera.

Above all, please have fun!
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