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Maybe I'm a weird INTJ, but my preferred way of being intimate is physically. Okay, that's not entirely true, my very most favorite thing is solving her problems, but physical contact, hugging, kissing, touching, that's something I find very soothing. On the other hand, I only have this with my SO and close family. For all others, I feel almost violated by even a tap on the shoulder.

The only advice I have for you is "just do it". Go a little bit further than you are comfortable with, with people you are comfortable with.
My "love languages" are physical and time, which are not so great for getting anything started. I'm not touchy-feely in general nor do I typically focus a lot of attention on "random" people. So altering that because I'm interested in someone is likely to backfire.

As far as emotions in general, I keep them to myself until I feel comfortable with the person. Very few people see my more "sensitive" side... My two brothers, actually, and I'm sure that's partly because they have always been much more emotional than I am.
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