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First off, thanks for @Signify for reminding me I have this essay, which coincidentally has the same tittle as his main question in his "Identity" post. Good post, especially for type 4s, check it out.

What follows is my essay from the 3rd grade of high school (grammar school) which I think could be a good extended introduction to my blog. I got an A, and the professor was so impressed she asked me to type it out on a computer and give her a printed copy to keep. I also read this out loud in front of my whole class. Round of applause ensued. That was a good day to live.

"Who am I?

I think, therefore I exist. I am human. Born in Belgrade 29th of April 1992. Today I have 18 years. By looks average, greenish-blue eyed.
I very much like to think, daydream, and I do that every free moment I have. That’s why I mean to become a philosopher. I like to think about others, myself too, why people act as they do, to discover myself. In everyday contemplating about myself I put an accent on correcting my mistakes in relationships with others. I try to be as good of a person as I can, but my laziness and some other flaws of mine often hold me back.
Philosophy teaches us that the essence of things (which includes people too) lies in that which separates or differentiates something (or someone) from everything else. This couldn't be just one thing, for instance, interest in psychology because there are more people besides me that are interested in psychology. It could be the sum of everything that constitutes me (opinions, interests, character) and the interactions between all these things. According to me, my most important interests are, except already mentioned philosophy and psychology: video games, literature, movies and TV shows, music, and, of course, hanging out with my friends.
Character, personality, is the hardest topic for thought, because it’s very subjective (and we’re very prone to sugar-coating). I prefer when others tell me how I am. We are proven on acts, not words.
(Moral) opinions. The most important part of a person. As my most important opinion I’ll mention my opnion about life: people should try to live as best as they can, to be good, calm, happy. And do something with their lives, became someone, be useful to society.
I think it’s most important to find the “golden middle”. Between work and rest, helping ourselves and other people, richness and poverty, and so on.
Trying to figure out what is that one thing that makes me different from all other people, one thing crosses my mind. Alright, everyone in the world feels love, but only I towards one specific girl."
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