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Extraverted Intuition

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I began pondering this function a while ago and came to the conclusion I know hardly anything about it. As an Ni dominant I find those who are dominant in Ne seem to 'click' with me, and there is a very natural understanding and method of communication between us.

As ENTPs, how would you all describe the feeling of having Ne as your dominant function? Do you have any stories, quotes, experiences, etc. that you could share to shed some more light on the subject? I'm very curious.

I would just look up more about the function on the internet, but I find things to be more illuminating when coming from the horses' mouths; figuratively speaking of course, I'm in no way calling you all horses. ENTPs are way too intelligent to be branded with such a dim-witted animal.

And yes, I did just make an attempt of flattery in order to entice more responses to my thread... Is it working?
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It's a mixed blessing.

I have the ability to predict most of what's going to happen in a typical movie, so to stave off boredom I start writing an alternate storyline in my head while the movie is playing. When the real movie is over and people ask me what I thought I tell them how much better it could have been with this cool alternate ending. But then I can't remember how the real movie ended. I had tuned it out by that point. This makes people think I'm kind of an ass. And they are kinda right.

Another example of how it works against us in social settings: I can joke about people having affairs or being former convicts or sex offenders or part-time strippers and hit the nail on the head most of the time. That sometimes makes people want to kill me.

I also tend to fall in love with the person I imagine my beloved could be and not what they are. This causes a lot of misery.

That's an example of the downside.

The upside?

I can join in a conversation about almost anything and make good contributions that convince people I know what I'm talking about.

I can open up source code I've never seen before and figure out why it's failing.

I can look at a dumpy house in a semi-dumpy neighborhood and know that with some landscaping and concrete work it would be very desirable to someone with a lot of money.

If someone says something can't be done I know they are just lazy or bullshitting me.
Interesting because...

~ I typically know how the movie is going to finish out before it is done. So there often comes a point where the storyline reaches a "plateau" and I'll be sitting there like "Ok, can we get this moving because I know Alice is going to end up with Eric and she's going to be hired on the advertising firm". I may not say it out loud, but I'm ALWAYS thinking it. Rarely do I watch a movie that keeps me engaged the whole time and it doesn't give me time to predict what will happen.
~ With my ex's I've realized that I have always fallen in love with what I idealistically thought they were, but not who they really were. I always seem to idealistically hope for the NT traits, but I eventually realize they don't possess that depth... noticed this now upon reflection.
~ I often feel that if someone says something can't be done, then they are just being lazy or BSing me. Its typically such a simple thing that can make a huge difference that is claimed to "not be realistic".
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