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Extraverted Intuition

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I began pondering this function a while ago and came to the conclusion I know hardly anything about it. As an Ni dominant I find those who are dominant in Ne seem to 'click' with me, and there is a very natural understanding and method of communication between us.

As ENTPs, how would you all describe the feeling of having Ne as your dominant function? Do you have any stories, quotes, experiences, etc. that you could share to shed some more light on the subject? I'm very curious.

I would just look up more about the function on the internet, but I find things to be more illuminating when coming from the horses' mouths; figuratively speaking of course, I'm in no way calling you all horses. ENTPs are way too intelligent to be branded with such a dim-witted animal.

And yes, I did just make an attempt of flattery in order to entice more responses to my thread... Is it working?
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There are other threads around on this subject, worth doing a quick trawl of the forum.

Ne is great, can be a little scattergun though. I find often that odd questions pop up and I can go off on a tangent when I should be "on task" at work. I seem to be paired with an assistant this week who is INTP, and the rest of the dept are beginning to look a little bemused. The date of origin of hanging frames on buildings and whether the stairwell design in ours is structurally sound and/or an architect's mistake was one...then we moved onto how easy it would be to write a routine for voxel rendering of CT scans for templating of fracture surgery in 3D. From there we entered into a discussion on how you could anthropomorphise an anaesthetic machine to do an amusing stop-go animation of it coming to life for youtube, and what music we would set that to.....

With other Ne users, I find that it can be very interesting that we come up with the same connections though, so I wonder if this is as original a skill as we are led to believe. I have an ENFP friend who often says whet I am about to open my mouth to say, even down to really off-the wall stuff like sometimes getting the feeling that the moor I live on is itself a living thing, with a sleeping giant organism under the stones.....

I'm glad other people have problems with films. I find it can be hard to sustain interest.
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