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Extraverted Intuition

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I began pondering this function a while ago and came to the conclusion I know hardly anything about it. As an Ni dominant I find those who are dominant in Ne seem to 'click' with me, and there is a very natural understanding and method of communication between us.

As ENTPs, how would you all describe the feeling of having Ne as your dominant function? Do you have any stories, quotes, experiences, etc. that you could share to shed some more light on the subject? I'm very curious.

I would just look up more about the function on the internet, but I find things to be more illuminating when coming from the horses' mouths; figuratively speaking of course, I'm in no way calling you all horses. ENTPs are way too intelligent to be branded with such a dim-witted animal.

And yes, I did just make an attempt of flattery in order to entice more responses to my thread... Is it working?
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I use my Ne in humour, since I take what is presented in front of me and just think of the wildest craziest possibilities and people find it funny. Often times I literally start laughing at my own thoughts. You have no idea how many jokes I came up with at the strip club I just got back from.

Ne is also what helps devise a plan of action (at least a rough one) within seconds no matter what the problem.

Ne is awesome.
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