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Hmmm... Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

I gather Ne is very much possibility/future oriented, and makes many connections and finds patterns in things, thus brainstorming ideas based on the patterns it finds? I read somewhere (don't ask for the source, I don't remember) that the connections Ne makes are more 'shallow', while Ni makes much more "piercing' and 'deep' connections. Ne has the advantage of speed, while Ni is much slower. Is that true? Is this why you guys can jump into a conversation and, as you said, 'make good contributions that convince people (you) know what (you're) talking about'?
It's not that we don't always know what we're talking about. We're just able to make quicker connections not always paying attention to the data behind it. I made an observation about the difference between Ne and Ni a while back on another forum and this is what I observed (I took out parts pertaining to the original conversation though) :

This is just my observation:

Intuition is complex and seems to have the ability to make connections between many things instantaneously and at times unconsciously. Time is never a factor and neither is outer appearance. It seems to basically find a pattern in whatever it is focusing on.

Ni users basically use this process in an introverted fashion so they focus on underlying trends and symbols. They see something and can't help but apply intuition to the data behind it. The object or event taking place is not as much of a priority as the data and meaning. Ne users extrovert intuition and observe something and can't help but apply intuition to the object or event itself. The data behind it is still a factor but to a lesser extent. They are more focused on comparing the events themselves.

Both processes require a large amount of information before they can work properly so intuition reliant types are always curious and always exploring to further develop this process.

Ne users probably appear more unfocused because the function constantly taking in and comparing actions and events in the external world. They become distracted easier because the distraction itself is valuable information to them. For an Ni user they can focus more because actions and events matter less. The data behind an event is of more important to them. The action, event, or object may only be important if they choose to analyze it.

Ni users come to conclusions only after all the symbols, data, meanings...etc. behind something match up in their minds.
Ne users might take a snippet of information and then start to use that information and compare it to the actions taking place in the even itself.

Ni can take something to a whole other level by finding a pattern in the information behind it and then following that same pattern into the future. Ni, in situations that benefit from being able to recognize a trend in order to move forward, can be very sharp and can usually give them clearer insight into things that will happen in the future. I'd imagine that this process takes a bit longer than Ne but is more accurate in some situations.

Ne takes a snippet or various snippets of information and compares it to every action that has takes place in a situation and then it creates a model out of that and runs with it. Ne benefits in situations that benefit from being able to see an underlying structure quickly. The process is quicker but would not be ideal in situations that needed to be used to predict. It however might be a bit more flexible seeing as it doesn't necessarily pay attention to trends.

......... I disagree with the statement that "Ne is wide" and "Ni is narrow". I think that intuition is by nature "wide" whether it is introverted or extroverted. I think that Ne can be more uncertain in some situations because it doesn't rely heavily on data. Ni plays around with collected data, meanings and symbols and therefore appears sharp and decisive.
So I think it gives us the added ability to bullshit people because of the way it works. But I wouldn't consider it to be shallow.
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