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Hey everyone I need help typing me.
I know for sure I'm a E and a T. The others after reading descriptions seem very similar to me.

-when it comes to work I hate being micromanaged or have a manager breathing down my neck. I find to many rules restraining. Rules are needed but I feel a lot of them can be dumb. I've been known to speak up when needed and have butted heads with numerous bosses and employees. I point out things that make no sense to me at work.

-im easily irritated by inefficiency and dumb people. I don't like being bogged down by details and prefer to get straight to the point. Usually it'll be in one ear out the other when that happens or I'll interrupt them sometimes.

-i've got up and left with my gf and moved to the beach and made it work. Not much planning. We had nothing at first. But I knew I could make it work even if I was a little nervous but it was fun.

-in a avid gamer,table top,cards,console. I'm very competitive.

-i love reading history,horror and fantasy as well as writing it. I like the freedom that fantasy and horror have.

-i play bass,and listen to mainly black,death and power metal. Avid follower and listener to the metal genre.

- as a parent I love watching my child explore. I give them freedom to learn and offer them guidance. I want them to be smart and honest. I give them necessary rules as they are children after all though.

-when it comes to planning a event id rather be in charge or just do it at my own pace and the person in charge just trust me to get said job done.

-i love goofing around,making people laugh. I like having fun as much as possible.

- as a SO I like quality time and conversation which I guess can be draining to my current gf. I'm loud and She's a istp or isfp. She keeps me grounded I help her out of her shell. I like being physical a lot.

-i quote movies and love movie facts and trivia. I sing out loud. Big movie nerd. Id rather watch a movie than party as I've gotten older.

-i just do what I want and trial and error when learning. I like to learn myself.

-i like being active wether it's movie watching,gaming or outdoors like hiking,fishing,surfing.

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I'm thinking S for you. You seem very action orientated and motivated to seek out experiences. I don't see anything that sticks out as N in particular. And P because you hate rules and details and structure getting in your way and become argumentative about it. I know an ISTP and he's very similar. So ESTP is my first guess. If not ESTP then ESTJ. I'd recommend reading both descriptions and deciding which sounds like a better fit.
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