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Yeah, so this is like the third time i come to ask for which type i am. This time around its wether im ISTP or ISFP. Or more if im Fi or Ti in functions.

So like i have done before i will give some pointers, and you fine folks will give your opinion, if you so choose.

  • Not that good with emotions, i often deny them or just dont get them.
  • Always been very analytical.
  • Often described as a bit cold.
  • Very practical.
  • Hate to write long things.
  • Often been said that i am very confident.
  • I can't really read my own emotions, my ENFJ girlfriend often knows more about me then i do about myself.
  • Like troubleshooting problems, fixing stuff, being handy.
  • Have alot of muscle tension, a stone cold look, and a straight posture.
  • Like wrestling around with friends.
  • Always been quite intelligent, specially with physics. (Not saying you F's cant be that)

And well, besides that i dont really find that much in common with the Fi's i know. They often seem like they overlook facts, or can't get a grib on things, and i dont really find i am that.

Now for some ISFP:
  • Very bubbly with friends.
  • Very open about my sexuality, or perhaps more not giving a shit (freaking guys out by hitting on them for fun)
  • Have trouble saying numbers out loud, i got them in my head, i just have some difficulty saying the right number. Like 5000 instead of 50,000 (not a native in the country i live, could be some language barrier)
  • Quite romantic and loving with my partner
  • Have had bouts of depression (though might just be teenage stuff).

And well, somehow i think i am ISTP, but dont want to say i am that if its wrong. But i dont really want to be ISFP since i dont think they often have the outlook on life i wish to have.

And i also know i'm much more descriptive of the ISFP parts, but thats mostly because those are the subjects i am confused about.

So questions, answers, and so forth are welcome.

Thanks again. :wink:
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