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My girlfriend [INFP] and I [INFP] just became "Facebook Official", and I noticed that my own interest in the relationship began to fade just a bit. I felt like I'd just signed up for a two-player stage performance, and our objective together became garnering positive reviews from an audience. Is he right for her; her for him, etc.?

I should mention that I invited her to change our relationship status with me the day after we reached a new level of sexual intimacy. I mean, I thought it'd be scummy not to sign my commitment in some way.. after touching her naked breasts and nearly putting my hands down her pants..I got a bit carried away in the moment.

Maybe all of that is beside the point. I think we both want this to last. I know I do.

My main question is about the way I think about my relationship with her. The post on FB was popular, and maybe I started to enjoy the attention too much.

What have you guys found to be the most meaningful ways to think about and approach a new relationship?
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