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Fading away as a break-up method

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Have you ever done this? How exactly did you go about it? Did it work as a way to avoid drama that would otherwise ensue?

If you could detail the way you faded out on the person successfully, that'd be great. Thanks..

EDIT --- Here's the situation:

Basically I'm fading away from a guy who I never got into an official relationship with. He never asked me to be his girl, and he just doesn't seem attached at all. It's a long distance thing, we live across the country, and have gone on vacations together 3 times, for weekends. Other than that, he barely texts, and we never talk on the phone or any of that.

Whenever we go on vacations, he flirts with every female with two legs, and is always bragging about how he gets hit on in his hometown. The only reason I've gone on more than 1 vacation with this dude is for the sake of going on vacation. I never took him seriously due to the aforementioned reasons.

But then a while back, I got into a serious relationship with someone in my hometown, and when I told this player dude (let's call him Matt), he went fucking bananas, accusing me of cheating (even though we were never even wtf?) I got him to chill out and Matt and I were able to remain friends.

Then, I broke up with the hometown guy, and let Matt back in the picture again. But of course, I didn't take him seriously because he didn't seem to take me seriously, even after hashing out the supposed "misunderstandings". And now I've gotten into another serious relationship in my hometown, and Matt is bugging me to go on another vacation with him. So, I'm stalling and slowly ignoring him more and more.

I just don't want the drama of what happened last time. Matt could screw me over if he wanted to, due to circumstances I'd rather not get into. I'd rather just find a way for us to just drift apart.

(and no, calling it quits and then ignoring/blocking/getting a restraining order wouldn't prevent him from screwing me over)

The only way out of this BS unscathed is to just ease away from him until he forgets all about me.

I think I'm just going to lie and tell him I have family matters to attend to for some unspecified amount of time, and then just disappear for good.
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Thank you for reminding INTP's with extremely low Fe that this method is "weak".... as if their self-esteem couldn't be any more bit lower.... and now tag on a guilty conscience along with it.... what's next? adding french fries on top of that injury? dammit... where's that tub of chocolate ice cream?
I think this method sucks. It's an easy out. If the person is crazy and you know it's going to be a headache - deal with it. It'll no doubt help you to NOT date someone prone to that behavior again. Be direct. "Fading Away" is flat out ... Weak.
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It was a mixture of sarcasm, but not 100% untrue.

Consider, most INTP's live inside their heads most of the time. Some of them will not be open to what's wrong or what's bothering them in their head unless asked. And even when asked, they may not state what's going on in his/her head at that time.

Some introverts consider not speaking out due to inconveniencing the current atmosphere or situation. If other person is happy, introvert would like to sit behind and savor in the moment of shared observed happiness. Bring up the sadness, then the uncertainty of the happy person would throw the introvert into a mental analysis hell. Will they get upset? Will they cry? Will they get defensive? etc.

As such, the introvert would slowly crawl back into his/her shell, behind locked door, in the corner room, underneath a bedsheet, eyes shut.

Although you may ask how his/her self esteem is going to improve, but if the introvert doesn't have that much of confidence to supplement the self esteem to begin with, he/she will be lost in his/her mind 'thinking' it's best to fade away and cut ties with person (friends and SO alike) because it's how they FEEL for themselves that it is the correct decision to make and right choice to to do.

In the case of INTP, heavy Ti, low Fe. He/she is lost in his/her imagination this is the proper course of action for both parties and unsaid / untold / unexplained outspoken reasoning becomes lost, albeit existent in full inside his/her head. Short term, it'll hurt opposing party. Long term, in the delusion of the INTP, the opposing party is best left to move on and find other means of happiness.

This is of course, one of many scenarios.

In the presence of a mad batshit crazy controlling dominating partner, if the INTP wants out... well... yea.. of course they're gonna shy away and keep quiet. He/she wouldn't be singled out from any other person for those depicted reasons.
Lolol! I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not :p
But how is anyone's self esteem gonna improve if they don't give themselves a chance.
Im saying this relationship stuff is easy. But it's not that big of a deal either. It's all practice.
You won't grow strong if you never lift weights and your weights won't matter if they're not heavy.

p.s. screw the chocolate ice scream!
Fudgecicles are only 40 cals and taste just as delicious! :D

Let's play a game of hide and seek, okay? Let me know and I'll be ready.
Pfft...INTPs fade away on us anyway! Minute they find something that interests them they be gone. I don't take it personally if an INTP fades away in any respect, unless I know they're upset at me.
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