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Pfft...INTPs fade away on us anyway! Minute they find something that interests them they be gone. I don't take it personally if an INTP fades away in any respect, unless I know they're upset at me.
Huh? What kind of INTPs have you been dating? All the INTPs that I know are very relationship-oriented and devoted. My fiance is an INTP, and my only other friend who is in a long-term relationship right now (of about 2 1/2 years) is dating an INTP.

Anyway, I was faded out on by my first ever boyfriend (5w6 ENTP). We had been dating for a month and I guess he suddenly decided that he didn't want to be in a serious relationship in the beginning of his freshman year of college (especially because I was a virgin and wanted to wait a couple of months before having sex with him). So instead of growing some balls and telling me, he decided to just ignore me until I got the hint.

The worst part was the speculation on what might have happened and the feeling that I had messed it all up and if only I had done things differently, he might have wanted to stay with me. I was already an insecure person in general, especially because I didn't have a boyfriend until the age of 18, and this made me feel really insecure and like nobody would ever want to date me. It made my depression worse and greatly contributed to me being suicidal for most of freshman year. I feel like if I had at least gotten some closure about what the reason was I wouldn't have had to waste so much time dwelling on it and I would have been able to get over it faster.

About a year later he messaged me on Facebook asking if he could meet me in person so he could apologize for the way he treated me. I refused, stating that the damage had already been done.

But anyway, I got the last laugh. I got more self-confidence and guys started overwhelmingly finding me attractive. My boobs went from a B cup to a D cup from the time I was 18, too. Now I am 21 and engaged to an awesome guy. Meanwhile I'm 98% sure that my ex dropped out of our (Ivy League) school and started attending a community college. Nothing against people who go to community college (my best friend used to go to one) but that must have been a serious blow to his self-esteem because he was one of those pretentious people who thought they were God's gift to hipsterdom and such a ~cultured intellectual~. He also gained at least 20 pounds judging by Facebook pictures (and he was kind of fat to begin with) and developed a neckbeard.

So yeah, don't do the fade-out. It may cause more damage than you think.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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