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i recently _tried_ watcing a movie, battlestar something, and the main character was an istp.. but whoever wrote it, clearly thought istp's are complete idiots, or maybe they just change in my company?

it was irritating to watch, because this main character would all the time say things that made him seem brain dead. so i just quitted watching it because it irritated me too much.

now ill tell you of a good one: the kaleesi (dragon lady) in game of thrones. some kind of intuitive judger, and 2w1 sx so. shes so amazzing, inspirational. caring, strong.(without the usual arrogance aspect of being strong), justful, passionate.. just perfectly lovable in every way.

then theres spyro, whose in my avatar: an enfp so sx 9w1. hes the icon of innocence and determined goodwill. he'll save everyone no matter what, just because its the right thing to do.

and then his mate, cynder, whose an intj 4w3 sx dom. shes dark, poisonous, sexy, feminine, .. evil in the good way.

a side note: sometimes when i cant turn off my empathy, it ruins my experience of watching because i feel the _actors_ actual feelings, which are completely unrelated to the series.. <.<

a failed one: pinkie pie, my little pony.
shes some kind of weird hybrid of esfp and an enfp, 7w6. mostly she acts like a sensor, until suddenly, her magical intuition powers turn on.. what the fk?

claimed to be a failure: sam wicky or something of transformerss movie, the main character. people say hes one dimensional, but thats just not true. hes an entp, and entp's are the most skillfull of all types in hiding their flaws. so they are supposed to appear like that.

batman of the movies: uhh.. does he have an actual personality, or is he all about speaking in a low voice and trying to be a vengeful introvert? BOOORING! never gonna watch batman movies again.

a succesful one: the main character of halo. a dutiful istj, 3w2, sp sx. hes quiet, but has enormous depth for someone like that.

mass effect, the poet krogan: some kind of so sx enfj, its so adorable to hear that krogan tell love poems in public, when every other krogan is an aggressive masculinity ideal. who else than an enfj would dare to break every expectations of your race and gender to express the depths of your heart in public? =) .. i kind of relate to that character, since i like to let my heart be open to everyone and be completely myself in public. its very relaxing.

then theres the renegade female shepard of mass effect. bitchy? saving the universe? cold calculating rational, kill anyone on your path for the greater good, and kill them anyways. after all, she doesnt have time for irrelevancies when the galaxy is at stake. shes an infj sx so, 4w3. and severely unhealthy. perfect comedy.

zaeed mass effect: hes some kind of sensor, but its the only charasteristic of him. like what? why would they make someone so empty when all the other characters have depth?
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