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So today at work we came upon the subjects of dad's. One of my co-worker's said that he's alot like his dad, but he really say's that he's alot worse than him too. He said this after his girlfriend had just visited him at work and he had hit her. He said that he saw all that stuff though his home life and said that he had not respect for women. That got a couple other guys there, including me, thinking. We started talking about our own father and son relationships.

One co-worker say's that he doesn't really know what his real father was like, but his step father was alot like how he is. He say's that his mother got hit a few times too, and he has many anger problems at work.

So I started thinking, I'm alot like my dad too. In the way of making relationships. It's like a dog. I'll go meet up with anyone and automatically be friends with them, or atleast try to. With this dog like relationship style, what're dogs? Man's best friend, right? So I become friends with alot of people, but i can't really start a more meaningful relationship like a girlfriend. Mostly put in the 'friendzone'. My father is a heavy drinker and smoker, and all my life i've been told not to do those things. I've been pretty good about that till recently , when i've been wanting to try everything. My dad's been through three divorces and my mother's been through two, almost three. This has affected me aswell. Great role models, right? Well ofcourse nobody's perfect, but i'm the type of person that really tries to stand by what I say. I'm just confused.

So how're your father/son relationships? Similar, opposite?

Also side note: My grandfather was unwanted by his birth parents, so he was later adopted by another family, and my father wasn't supposed to be born, so what does that make me? A huge mistake, or a miracle?

Thanks for reading~
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