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Primary school (elementary) was the absolute best time of my life - I loved learning, I loved my teachers, I had great classmates, I was confident, outgoing, curious and full of energy (even though I spent a good deal of time with my head in books - academic and fiction).

Secondary school was also pretty awesome - I went to a grammar school where the teachers were generally of a very high standard and the kids were all above a certain intelligence so it was never looked down on to have a natural curiosity for learning. Teachers treated you as young adults rather than kids, and learning was fairly collaborative. There were a fair amount of characters and oddballs, most of whom were accepted by everyone - there was an emphasis on being interesting and unique and independent rather than cliquey. There was a lot of balance between personality types - I think NFs an SJs were dominant, followed by NTs then SPs. But like Goaty, I lost the urge to really excel academicallyhere, and started doing the minimum work I need to in order to get good grades. I spent more time lost inside my own head or out there experiencing the "real world", becoming a anti-authority, a bit of an anarchist, trying to "save" lost souls. It was a very interesting period of my life, but school was very much in the background at that point.

I left my school to go to a different Sixth Form so that I could study psychology, sociology and law. While the subjects interested me more, the school was a lot worse. The friends I managed to make were of a very different breed to the friends I had made at my previous school - there were a lot of SJs and SPs and not a lot else. I didn't really fit, but I didn't really care. The teachers weren't quite sure how to deal with me. I was intelligent enough to just be left to my own devices - they didn't really challenge me, just were thankful that they didn't need to put a lot of effort into me. They liked me because I was different, but didn't pay me a whole lot of attention.

Then came university - which was a huge waste of time, academically and socially but it did prepare me for independent living.
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