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Favorite age during school??

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What was your favorite age/grade during school?? For me, elementary was just okay.... I LOVED my teachers during middle school/junior high and have many good memories because it was really just an inspirational time in my life. I hated high school because there was so much drama and I never really "belonged" to a group... and the teachers were not as supportive.

Then college... I absolutely loved in regard to academics. When I got to college I felt like I finally met the curriculum that I was always supposed to have. Earlier years was just too concrete for me.

Anybody else??
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Probably college for me.. First year I was still in my hometown, and still going through remnants of my crazy self from high school. I made a lot of interesting work for my assignments. I changed pretty quickly in those years, moving to a new city alone in the second year. I didn't enjoy all my classes, but the ones I did were more than great. In this part of my experience, compared to my previous year, I was finally growing up (without my knowing it till the end) and it was an interesting journey... Really stressful but I got a big reward, like an epiphany. This is what made it different to HS and elementary... I guess I felt those were a waste of time, as I didn't really get to choose what I wanted to do. I couldn't explore. It was all just fed to me. I'd make interesting things, but they had no significance for me.
What I write here has nothing to do with the teachers or classmates or other people in the school. It's just about the curriculum, which gave me enough freedom to do what I want. I had access to so many resources. Everything else in those years was nasty and disgusting, more so than anything I'd experienced prior. What happened in college is what drives my life today.
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