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Favourite Field of Science

  • Anthropology

    Votes: 186 16.3%
  • Astronomy

    Votes: 399 35.0%
  • Biology

    Votes: 357 31.3%
  • Chemistry

    Votes: 240 21.0%
  • Computer Science

    Votes: 236 20.7%
  • Earth Science

    Votes: 154 13.5%
  • Economics

    Votes: 101 8.9%
  • Engineering

    Votes: 165 14.5%
  • Genetics

    Votes: 282 24.7%
  • Geography

    Votes: 123 10.8%
  • Health/Medicinal

    Votes: 191 16.7%
  • Linguistics

    Votes: 204 17.9%
  • Mathematics

    Votes: 222 19.5%
  • Physics

    Votes: 420 36.8%
  • Political

    Votes: 113 9.9%
  • Psychology

    Votes: 555 48.6%
  • Sociology

    Votes: 223 19.5%
  • Systems

    Votes: 74 6.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 124 10.9%
  • No Preference

    Votes: 19 1.7%

Favourite Field of Science

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What is your favourite field of science? Why is it your favourite?
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I think my favorite would be physics. Why? Because I'm not good at it... so it challenges me quite a bit. I like challenging things, especially when it comes to stuff I am required to do for some reason or another.

Other than that, I would have to say geology; and if you consider it a science like my school does, then psychology as well.
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Evolutionary Cognitive Science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I chose linguistics and physics; both are absolutely fascinating to me (in very different ways, of course.)
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I chose biology, but to be more specific I'd say microbiology.
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I selected biology, psychology, and anthropology (i.e. neuroanthropology) as well as health/medicine, as I do intend to be a physician.

Why those first three? Academically speaking, my interests are primarily invested in neurophilosophy (my major); subjects that are relevant to both the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind are of the most concern to me - specifically, neuroethics.

I was very tempted to select linguistics, but I suppose that's more of something I'd like to explore/study rather than something I actually have [explored].
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Definitely Astronomy. But more specifically astrophysics. I find the universe so incredibly interesting. Cosmos by Carl Sagan changed my life.
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Earth science!
I don't feel like I want to explain why... just not in the mood.... mmmm.. so I won't. But Earth science is awesome, mkay.
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Chemistry has always appealed to me; every facet of the subject is amazing and has no trouble hooking me.
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Well, I couldn't pick one...

Chemistry-- I loved it in high school, so I took it again when I got to college, even though it had nothing to do with my major. Still loved it!

Computer science-- Took an intro class my freshman year of college, ADORED it and was weirdly good at it. Considered double majoring but then decided programming is way too detail oriented and repetitive and my ENFPness would override any ability to succeed.

Math-- I used to be a math major, so obviously I love math. But again, the repetition and details got to me.

Physics-- Incredibly interesting, and also math-based. Loooove.
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Biology (neuroscience, genetics), cosmology, maths (the core to it all, really), linguistics and I would love to get into IT and understand technology more.
I like several, but astronomy, linguistics, and physics are my favourites.

I am also really interested in paleobiology, but that wasn't an option.
Sociology and genetics.

I have an interest in communication of people. And both of these are useful in that goal.
Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They just fascinate me.
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Neuroscience is my favorite, but that was not listed. The human brain shares complexity with mother nature, only one is the master of the other.
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Astronomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Physics
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I can't choose. these are all my faves. :happy:
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QUANTUM PHYSICS!!!???? why was that not on the list? it's awesome and mind expanding and wonderful...
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