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Fe/Fi and empathy.

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What is the difference between the feeling functions and empathy and which one does empathy fall under?
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How on earth does a guy like Armando get banned? I thought he was cute as pie.
I don't really seem to be able to pull off real empathy at all. The absolute best I can do is a general, very brief feeling of "Huh, that would suck".
I think empathy is when you see someone suffering and their pain becomes your pain, such that you are moved to help them (yes, I am basing that on Star Trek). However, the extent to which people feel pain varies greatly. I can't empathize with a person if they're feeling pain over something which I consider trivial. It's not empathy unless you actually feel the pain as acutely as the other person. Personally I don't usually feel pain for anything other than a physical injury, torture of people or animals, or the untimely death of someone special. Stuff like that.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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