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Fe/Fi and empathy.

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What is the difference between the feeling functions and empathy and which one does empathy fall under?
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I think...

Fe is to do with sympathy. You understand how the other is feeling on a subconscious level. The reasoning behind their emotion does not concern you. E.g: "I really can't imagine what you are feeling, but I know you are feeling bad. Cookies cheer people up. Here, have a cookie."

Fi is to do with empathy. You understand how the other is feeling on a conscious level. You know the reasoning behind their emotion. E.g "You're acting how I would if I were sad or if my dog ran away so I know you are feeling bad. Cookies cheer me up when I am sad. Here, have a cookie."

I think the logic functions can also masquerade as sympathy/empathy.
Eg Ti could reason "I have no idea what feelings are all about but I have the idea that if I give this cookie to you, you will stop crying. Then I can continue thinking in peace."
Or Te "Cookie makes you stop crying. I will give it to you. Then I can carry out my Master Plan. Muhahahahaha!"
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How on earth does a guy like Armando get banned? I thought he was cute as pie.
Maybe he asked for himself to be banned since he wanted to close his account? I don't know but I'm offering my guess since I'm 'sympathising' with your curiosity. Actually I really have no idea how you feel or even how I feel.
Actually I know how I feel: I want to know everything - or everything that suits my current interest that can change every second.
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