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Feedback on my tri-type

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For those of you who have either interacted with me or read my posts, could you help me confirm my type? I've hit a block with pure introspection and am looking for some outside input.

Currently, I have myself typed as 9w1 - 4w3 - 6w7. I'm mostly looking for help with the last two, but feel free to make comments about my main type. Ask me any questions that you think might help you figure me out.
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The first part (9w1) seems fitting, I think.

What parts of 4w3 and 6w7 do you feel fit you? Perhaps that's a good starting point.
I actually mistyped as a 4 when I first got into the enneagram. I've always been on a quest for finding my true self, which is evinced in the introspective journals I have kept since middle school. I cling to my label of "weird" because I think weirdness makes me stand out from other people, and I have always felt that I am different. When I come across people who say they're weirder than me, I sometimes engage in a "weirdo" pissing contest :laughing: When asked to describe myself, I try to make myself look unique. I'm extremely idealistic. This, of course, goes along with 9w1 as well. Sentimentality creeps up on me a lot, though I'm pretty good at hiding it. I can go from very excited to withdrawn, and I often have periods of melancholy when I need to be alone.

The 3 wing fits me more than the 5 because I have a lot of ambition. I set very high goals for myself, and I take measures to reach those goals. I have a tendency to be two-faced, though I have gotten better at integrating who I really am with who I show the people around me. I can be competitive in areas that matter to me, and I'm definitely competitive in games. I can also be very outgoing, and I enjoy interacting and connecting with other people.

The reason why I don't think I'm dominant 4w3 is because 9 will trump 4 when it comes to primary motivation. My compassion, a 4 trait, is limited. I'm not as passionate about causes as a 4 would be. I may become stubborn when I think I'm right, but passion is certainly not one of my distinctive qualities. I usually beat myself up when things don't go the way I wanted or expected them to. I try to analyze my actions to figure out what it is that I did wrong, while at the same time making excuses for the other person. If I'm not mistaken, a 4 would more likely blame the other person.

Also, I should probably add that I'm sx/sp.


6w7 to come. I don't have time to do more than that at the moment.
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