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So, this is a bit personal, but what the hell.

As of recent, it's come to my attention that I am codependent, which didn't put a wrench in my personality-typing paranoia neuroticism adventures until I actually thought about it (read: now).

I'm sure you can infer what my problem would be: I'm having problems discerning whether or not I actually use Fe, although I've had moderate certainty of this before. (That was before codependency was brought to my attention, of course.)

So the question is, for those that know something about the condition, how likely is it for a Fi to mistype as a Fe (and consistently) if they are codependent and recovering?
On top of this, if the person does genuinely like helping people beyond that (which is a very small and somewhat irrelevant part, I'll admit), could it still be Fe, but horrendously unhealthy in practice because of the constant subservience, shitty boundaries, communication problems, emotional sponging, and so on? In theory, you'd think that recovery from all of that would alleviate those problems (and it will), but I'm actually having problems discerning with accuracy how I'm personally affected and how that might change—and I'd rather have things organized in my head before I reach any conclusions. . .so I'm reaching out. I see a pattern here.

I honestly don't know how I'll look during recovery until it happens, so I can't give any personal extrapolations without it being clearer in my mind. I get the feeling I'll end up actually growing a backbone and not being as people-pleasing, which would owe to the idea that all of my waxing poetic about being Jesus was never really true (lol), or maybe I'll still have a bleeding heart for people, just without the added 'I need to do this in order to validate my existence'.

Bear in mind that I don't vacillate as strongly with intuition and sensing. I'd also put this in the 'What's My Type?' forum, but this seems topical to the cognitive functions section more than that because it might actually be an interesting concept to explore, even if it's been done already.

Tell me your thoughts.
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