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Feeling guilty when health isn't perfect

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Do any other INFPs feel guilty when they go to the doctor or dentist and have some sort of health issue? Like, even if it's not your fault? I went to the dentist this morning and had mild decay in a wisdom tooth and felt like it was a character flaw. :ssad: I'm such a perfectionist.
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I do feel guilty for consequences of my own abuse or neglect as a general rule, and I feel very responsible for my own health.

So when I have some physical ailment, I have the perfectionist (but in my mind, pragmatic) thought: "If I had been living closer to my ideals, this could have been avoided." The sense of responsibility gives me a feeling of control over change and results, influencing my lifestyle, etc.

I forgive myself and don't judge my character from physical ailments, but it's a short leap from feeling guilty for neglecting ideals. If I think I could have prevented it, I do fight the notion of guilt - the antagonistic, internal question of "well why didn't you ___" resonates continuously...

The only true prevention of guilt for me is looking back and feeling like I was doing my best, and that's a tall order.
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