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Feeling incompetent - ready to give up

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edit. please ignore.

edit. please ignore.
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I read it all so might as well answer:
1. Some stuff comes with experience, painful experience at times. I think you're learning something new here, so see it as opportunity to improve.
2. INFJs do have a problem with setting boundaries and being hard on people. I had hard time grading down people turning in their homework late. What I've done in past is devise rules and pass them to everyone in written form. If somebody broke rules, wasn't my fault, I just enforced them and marked down exact amount that was specified.
3. As a result of being too permissive yes I have in past completed work for others.
4. Sounds like people you are working with suck. What are they doing there? Getting paid? Have they zero vision?
5. I think they need some stronger incentives to un-suck. Is there any sort of pressure you can apply on the slackers? There is a saying in my native country that goes "laziness was born before human kind" and it is true.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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