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So frequently visiting this INFP forum makes me feel an unexplainable calm and comfort, knowing that there are a lot of people like me in nature when I once thought I was the only one too out of place..

Other than that, I've been listening to the song ''Colors of the Wind'' by Vanessa Williams.. Haha aren't I sweet? ;)

Anyway.. I feel that as a humanity, we are often more connected to each other than we think. Such thoughts do calm my spirit.

Look at me. I love too much. I fear appearing stupid. I fear that my weird thoughts might make me belong nowhere in this world. I fear that another broken heart someday might kick the hope right out of my soul. I love too much and I am afraid of someday that a loved one might stab me in the back. I have so much love, complexity and fears. However, I realize, isn't a part of me present in everyone else? Surely there is. Everyone has his or her own complexity.

I think I don't quietly celebrate connections in this world well enough.
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