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It's very fun describing my characters and what makes them each unique. MBTI is only a fraction what goes into them, but it's really interesting to see how my characters don't really fit into the stereotypes for their types. Anyway, I have well over a hundred well-developed characters, so I'm only going to touch on a few of them (although I'm going to change their names and keep out some spoilers):

The Evil One

Think of the impression you got of the Emperor when you first say Return of the Jedi, that elusive, seemingly all-powerful evil that wants more than anything to corrupt the hero, and you have something similar to the Evil One. He's frightening, because he can and does kill off main characters. The scope of his knowledge seems limitless. He is wise, and he seems to know everything about you, and he's always several steps ahead of you. He has no feelings, no sense of remorse for his depravity, and he hardly holds back. He's ancient, old enough that nobody knows how long he's been around, or where he came from. What's especially frightening is that he has a grand plan that will affect everybody, and there's no way of stopping him. Nobody knows what the next step to his plan are, or where he disappears to in-between phases, but they do understand the scale, that his evil is only surpassed by Death himself, whom he serves.


An ancient alien hunter, who would specifically hunt down sapients as his game. He eventually retired from his sport and started working as a slave driver. He's proud, and likes to keep his reputation up. He's of the same species as the Evil One.

Than Wiessel

Charismatic banker who moved to America from Switzerland. Married a secular Jewess. He's like a cross between Gordon Gekko and Lionel Luthor, because he'll do anything to get ahead. He finds subtle ways of forcing successful people to take loans from him. Could definitely be described as an alpha male, and has strong personal magnetism. He knows that he can get away with things, and he enjoys the power that he has over people. He eventually gets political ambitions and becomes remarkably successful, in spite of being strongly hated by basically everyone in politics.

Lee Wiessel

A very different INTJ than the Evil One. Son of Than, he was raised with the expectation of being successful and to share the same values as his father. Than had a very harsh parenting style where he would reward and punish Lee based off of his high expectations, and he treated Lee like an experiment. Lee didn't talk to anybody in high school, and it wasn't out of shyness. Nobody considered him awkward and antisocial, because he was silent in such a way that made him seem more mature, more in control, and less insecure, drifting somewhere above the petty emotions of high school. He was very intelligent in school and good at reading through textbooks. He eventually moved to the rural Midwest, went to a private Reformed college, went to a graduate school to get a doctorate in law, got married soon after graduating, and became a small town lawyer. He became a workaholic and basically only talked to his wife on Sundays. Unlike his father, he had a cool, laissez faire policy with his children, and mostly only played the role of breadwinner, and sometimes teacher, when they pressed him for knowledge. His daughter really looked up to him for his steady and reliable intellect. His wife eventually divorced him after ten years, because of how emotionally distant he was. Interestingly, he was smart enough to be emotionally open with her, because he had a deep understanding of relationships, but he chose not to because he didn't feel like it, and he intuitively felt that it was his lot in life to set himself up for tragedy. Somewhere deep down, he wanted it all.

Chad Wiessel

Lee's younger brother. Not as reflective, and not as characterized by his intellect. He liked to make decisions in life based off of what made him feel good. When he was younger, Lee received all of the expectations from their father, and Chad was grateful for that, because his older brother basically protected him from emotional trauma. He repaid Lee by trying his best to live a happy life, and eventually got into his dream job of becoming a fireman. He enjoyed the experience of life and didn't see much need for dwelling on the possibility of bigger and better things. He tries, very sincerely, to make other people happier, and to make sure that everyone else has a fun time when around him. He went to college nearby his older, getting a technical degree in law enforcement, where he made an Hispanic friend named Mario. Mario stayed in the area and became one of the few people that Lee, in a very silent way, considered a friend, but Chad moved back to the East Coast to work as a firefighter in the cities. He would return to the Midwest to visit his brother's budding family as often as possible, and consistently on every holiday. The two brothers would always spend some alone time together during these visits, where Lee would listen to Chad's updates on life, and Lee would share some of his experiences with parenting, and occasionally thoughts about their buried past of emotional abuses. Lee talked more to his brother on the other side of the country than he did to his wife. Chad, meanwhile, never married, believing that his childhood experiences didn't rear him to be a good husband, and remained a bachelor for life.

LaVerne Herschel

Former wife of Lee Wiessel. She had an interesting upbringing, as she was a Jewish orphan in Germany who got adopted by a devout Catholic American couple who raised her as a Jew. She then married Lee, a Swiss Jew by birth who went to a Christian Reformed college and became an expert in theology. She raised her children to understand both Jewish and Christian traditions, but she didn't teach them much about the spirituality of either. Instead, she emphasized the "family values" part of those traditions. She found her husband "deep" and enjoyed his intensity when she first met him, and that he had the vulnerability to through his normal dispositions to the wind and actually care enough to propose, but she grew increasingly unhappy in their marriage because of his devotion to his work. She thought that it would be easier on her emotionally if she was not longer married to him, because when they lived together, it tortured her with how he felt so close and yet so far. She only moved from their countryside home into town, though, because she didn't want the family to feel too torn apart. She still loved him, and wished that their marriage could have felt like an actual marriage.

Bruce Nieman:

A small-town high school quarterback who wears an academic letter on his letterman jacket, because he wants to be known for being more than just a jock. At eighteen years old, he thinks a lot about what it means to be an adult, and he tried all his life to be mature and be reliable for others. He was never the prom king type, but he was definitely the person that people chose to elect as student body president. Although his main group of peers consists of the popular kids, he hangs out with people from all of the different social groups, and actually feels most at home amid other introverts, like Nikki (see below), who are far less assuming than most. Of course, he also liked hanging around her because he's capable of recognizing her face, which isn't something that he's normally capable of, because he has prosopagnosia, which is a disorder where the brain is incapable of recognizing faces.

Nikki Wiessel

Lee and LaVerne Wiessel's daughter, she grew up believing that everybody is smarter than they think they are. Although she has the understated energy level of an introvert, she's actually very outgoing and friendly, believing that she can find the best in people. She's aware of how she makes him feel more human and down-to-Earth. Although generally well-liked, she isn't popular. She's not an alpha personality who says things and people listen. However, she is definitely a favorite among her teachers and admired by adults. She isn't terribly reflective in her day-to-day thoughts; however, she sometimes organize her thoughts as the end of the night in her daily journal. She's very consistent with her journal, and over time became a better and better writer because of it. Perhaps she would have grown up to be a writer, but as smart as she was, she didn't think much about the future, and always figured that she'd know what job she wanted when she was at that point. Somewhere deep down, her ideal job would have been firefighting, like her fun uncle that she sometimes saw on the holidays, but she never saw herself as physically fit (although she did punch some older kids who were picking on her younger brother, and when enslaved by the Evil One, she became very, very strong). Her other ideal job was being a librarian, but she didn't think much about it.

Micky Wiessel

A very different INTJ from his father, seeing as he has very strong emotions, and an argument could be made for him being an INFJ. However, I typed him as an INFJ based off how how he behaved as an adult. The younger brother of Nikki, Micky ended up with his father after the divorce. Feeling neglected, Micky resented his father and idolized his mother, who he would spend time with every other weekend. He was a wall flower in middle school, lacked a lot of self-confidence, and carried the burden of an ever-present angst. He could have probably been diagnosed with depression. In the book series, he taken by the Evil One at the age of thirteen, tortured beyond comprehension, and enslaved. Eventually, he escaped that slavery. Although a thinker by nature, his emotions became twisted, and his hatred took control of him. He resented the Evil One, and wanted to destroy him. He spent a portion of his early life qua Captain Ahab, until he eventually gave up and accepted that he could never kill the the Evil One. In his early adulthood, he ended up becoming a businessman, and became emotionally detached from people. His emotional intelligence faded, and he ended up becoming a cold, shrewd person. He wasn't as introverted as his father, and he would find creative ways to show his complete disregard for others. According to him, the well-being of others was not his business.

Wilhelmina Nieman

Bruce's younger sister, she's the same age as Micky and has a crush on him. Although technically an extrovert, she's extremely shy and meek. She's an emotional masochist, often punishing herself for her feelings of inadequacy. For example, although being alone drains her emotionally, she will often exile herself to being alone. She recognizes that Micky is a very broken person as well, and finds him cute for it, desiring to share a life with him so that she can take care of him. She doesn't have the ability to express her feelings for him, and she feels too young to get involved quite yet, but she regularly does nice things for Micky, roots for him, and is often willing to see the best in him. Outside her desire to one day marry him, she also wants to become a singer, which is a pretty good goal for her, since she actually has an amazing soprano voice. Outside of her family, nobody really knows about her singing voice, because she suffers from terrible stage fright. When the Evil One and his followers begin to affect the lives of her and her friends, Nikki begins to act like a protective older sister for Wilhelmina. She eventually actually saw Nikki as a sister figure.


Coming from the planet Thi, Zeebee is a four-armed humanoid alien with a very friendly personality. He's clearly extroverted,clearly a sensor, and clearly a perceiver. He thrives off of socialization and makes new friends incredibly easily, so his extroversion goes without saying. In his job, he's very good at following procedure and he can stay focused on the here and now. He doesn't have agendas with any of his friendships, or in life in general. He keeps his options open, thinks that there are many ways of solving a problem, and constantly absorbs new ideas about the world through osmosis. However, I do have a hard time telling whether or not he's thinking or feeling. When I first tried typing him, I thought that ESTP made sense. He's a soldier who received extensive training in mathematics and engineering. He's highly professional and does what he thinks is logical, even if it means putting his life at risk. He understands that he can't save everyone, and is willing to make decisions that go against his feelings, such as sacrificing friends on a suicide mission, or calling off a mission to save hostages. However, at the same time, he seems like an ESFP who makes thinking decisions out of demand. He perceives reality through his emotions equally as much as he does through analytical thinking, and he's very open about his feelings with his friends, and he's really in-tune with their emotions as well. When there's no need to be logical, he easily makes emotion-based decisions in simple social settings. He deeply cares for his friends, and is often defined by them. When enslaved by the Evil One, Zeebee forms an alliance with the human named Monomyth (see below), and becomes best of friends.

Loron Emme

Fellow Thian solider, he is Zeebee's best friend. His extroversion takes a little bit of a different form than Zeebee's. Whereas Zeebee values making friends and experiencing life with that friendship, Loron doesn't think of himself as needing to be everybody's friend, thinking that he probably couldn't be true to himself if he was. Instead, he tries to at least make a strong, positive impression on everyone he meets, and he tries to show off a little. As best as he can, he entertains his friends and brings humor and his indomitable, optimistic spirit to any situation. Also unlike Zeebee, who can remain logical in any military situation, he leads with his heart and doesn't believe in choosing between the lesser of two evils. He doesn't really compromise on what he thinks is right, and can be a little rebellious, and it gets him in trouble.


A Thian who grew up around a very bad, dangerous crowd, Daggerwold joined the Thian military to get away from it all. He keeps himself a bit distant from his friends, who understand that he doesn't like talking about his past. They understand that he was surrounded by gang members and violence, and don't press him to tell them the details. His perception of reality is a bit darker than his friends, especially Loron's, but he doesn't bring it up much. His view of humanity is a bit more cynical, and he thinks that his friends are blissful to be so naive to think otherwise. He wants to be optimistic, but he just isn't. He normally seems a bit more intense, and he tends to squint when he thinks. He's clearly a good guy, but he gives off a perpetual impression that he just might betray his friends. Something about him seems slightly off, slightly shifty, but those misgivings are probably unfounded. Meanwhile, when he isn't around people, he finds a great deal of introverted stimulation in experimenting with computer engineering, and testing out new "big ideas" in computer science. Most of his friends aren't aware of just how much time he spends on these systems.


An enigmatic human, whose past is a mystery, whose first name is unknown to the reader, and whom invented interdimensional technology. He's incredibly protective of this technology, and very opinionated in how it is to be used. He sees many, many applications, but he's careful of who he would trust with it. When dealing with forces like the Evil One and other enemies, and when engaging in warfare, he has a commanding, decisive personality and comes off as an ENTJ, especially in the first book. At other times, he seems like an INTJ, and sometimes an INTP. However, as the series goes on, his true personality is revealed to be ENTP. He usually exercises his extroversion in dealing with conflict; he's incredibly energized when handling his enemies. He has a vast array of opinions and makes a lot of enemies, especially since he often gets involved in political affairs. Politically, he keeps his mind on the big picture, looking literally millions of years into the future, and makes many short-term sacrifices to get what he wants. He has an ability to infuriate his opponents and make them obsessed with him, and he uses that to his advantage. On the flip side, some of his enemies are actually have a great deal of respect for him and regret being on opposite sides of him. As a perceiver, he's able to wind his ways through a great deal of situations. When with friends, he is a much more laid back kind of extrovert, and he's capable of talking about his feelings, which are secretly stronger than just about anyone's in the series. He wears one heart on his sleeve, and another one protected inside of his chest, where it belongs. In his heart of hearts, he is a very, very sad man, feeling that he cannot ever consider himself innocent. This all-pervasive Great Sadness is pierced frequently with anger, because he has so many things that he's willing to fight for, and he's angry with God that his burden is never lifted. He gives his life to the fight, and it consumes him. Zeebee, a soldier, relates to him, and they both have an instinctive, adult understanding of each other, although they are each very different. Even in his friendship with Zeebee, he never smiles. Once upon a time, he heard the song "The Man In Black", and he really took it to heart. Monomyth is a philosopher and a poet, who has a deep understanding of the emotions of the universe and of human nature, and it hurts him. These feelings fuel him, but at the end of the day he is a thinker. He's willing to sacrifice his friends and let innocent people die in order to see through the logical outcome of an important mission. He would let a loved one die without hesitation instead of giving in to a terrorist. He accepts that his heart gets broken, and that's a part of life.


A Thian who heads a gang that Daggerwold is familiar with. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. She doesn't care about abstract rewards in life, and only cares about material things. And power. She enjoys having power over people. Her love of power even shows when she's enslaved by the Evil One, because she's willing to throw other slaves under the bus. She isn't incredibly creative, and she isn't a brainstormer, because she can just leave that function to someone else at her command.

Ion Kɚtha

A Klek from the dimension Zeeaad, he has an IQ of around 350 and is proficient in thousands of languages. He has a profile that's recognized across multiple planets, and he's often hired as a tutor to help make big clients fluent in an alien language in a matter of weeks, and he does it for almost nothing. His teaching methods are incredibly effective, and he's capable of teaching people from just about any species, with just about any learning style. When he encounters the interdimensional travelers Zeebee and Monomyth, his worldview balloons. He makes it his lifetime goal to make sure that a select few languages become universal languages, and he comes up with a system to keep these languages from ever significantly changing to the point of being unrecognizable, so that future generations will always be able to understand the works of past generations. One of of the things that he does is proselytize some of his choice languages to influential immortal beings, who will influence other people to speak like them.

Garagga Veksi

Fellow Klek, possibly fellow INTP (but equally likely an ENTJ), and rival of Ion Kɚtha. He's more financially successful because he's a cutthroat businessman who's out to make a profit. Like most of the Klek race, he doesn't have any desire for material possessions. However, he makes as much money as he can anyway because the most powerful people on Klek are successful businessmen, and he wants the status. However, in spite of his status as the richest distributor of linguistics, he covets Ion Kɚtha's reputation and skill, and wants to be adored similarly. He will never be as highly esteemed, though, since he isn't terribly respectful of people's religious beliefs, whereas Ion Kɚtha and most Kleks are atheists who strongly respect and support of others' religious beliefs. Garagga Veksi is also very disrespectful to the women that he gets romantically involved with. As the series goes on, it's shown that he's willing to cheat in order to get ahead, and he becomes a minor villain.


This character was inspired by Hitler, so naturally, he's an INFJ. My research on Hitler is a bit incomplete, so I've backed off from fully developing Regnerus and his rise to power. However, I've still developed him enough to have a good feel for him. First, he belongs to a wolf-like species called the Wasza. He sought an education from the Kleks, who taught him the music of Kwahiili, a goddess commonly worshipped by the Waszas and some other species who is believed to be the originator of music and personality. Out of the five deities in his religion, Kwahiili was his favorite. However, after completely failing in his training as a musical priest and artist (the particular teacher he had was better suited for sensor types), he became bitter and couldn't quite hold down a job. When a Wasza-dominant country began fighting to reclaim an ancient land seen as the birthplace of civilization on his planet, he patriotically signed up. His regiment received the assistance of Caughrə (see below), and the interdimensional travelers Zeebee, Monomyth, Bruce Nieman. An argument could have been made for either side having the moral high ground in that war, since Regnerus's side was a politically free republic that allowed slavery, while the enemies belonged to a totalitarian government with a barbaric criminal justice system. Both sides lost the war when a third party got involved, but Regnerus felt that it was more of a loss for his side. He didn't receive any decorations during that war, but he knew in his heart that he had fought as bravely as possible, and he was incredibly proud of having fought alongside Caughrə and the interdimensional travelers. Several years after the war, he rose to political prominence by telling his war stories and evoking his personal connection to Monomyth. He had a very good feel for how to make people turn out to vote, and was an effective populist candidate who managed to start a real movement. Once he was at the top, he managed to unify many Wasza-dominant countries into a single state, and proposed that his planet be unified underneath the political and racial dominance of the Wasza species.


A Wooloon, many of his race are enslaved by the Waszas. The Wooloons don't complain much about their enslavement, because they generally look up to the Waszas and hold them in high esteem. Gulkin himself is a freeman, and an aspiring filmmaker. He dreams of directing a film and shooting scenes in as many takes as possible, although he probably would have a difficult time in the editing room. He manages to make it somewhat big when he films a documentary about Regnerus's war. This documentary helps Regnerus become somewhat famous.


Some of her adherents would argue that she transcends personality, but mystic writings on her paint her as having an ENFP personality. It would make sense. After all, it would make sense that the goddess of personality would have a personality. After all, she already has a gender (in most Wasza languages, her grammatical gender is "alto"). Because of her existence, other universal concepts are able to be personified as gods and goddesses. Out of her personality comes music and culture, and she's the favorite goddess of many Waszas and Wooloons, who consider her to be the most relevant goddess in everyday life. The other four deities are the Goddess of love, an ENFJ (and a soprano), the God of honor and wisdom (ESTJ, tenor), God of logic, mathematics, science, and the three dimensions of space, an ISTJ (and a bass), and the God of death and time, an INTJ (and of neutral gender).


From the planet Zagik, he can sometimes be described as a boy scout who works within the law, sometimes as a vigilante who works outside of it, and sometimes as a mercenary who volunteers his services in times of war. The Zagikians are trusted by the Kleks and are often hired for security detail, although he never took one of those jobs. He was a much more intuitive do-gooder who did what he thought was best on his own terms. He never had one job, and traveled around finding things to get involved in. When Regnerus went to war, he didn't believe in slavery, but he fought for Regnerus's side anyway, since he agreed more with its system of government, and thought that slavery could eventually be eradicated through civil means. He's very devout in his faith, and it comes first in his life. He tried sharing it with Regnerus, but Regnerus wasn't interested and was becoming a very nominal Kwahiilian at the time. He felt very betrayed when he witnessed several years later what Regnerus was doing in politics, and regretted having to fight his former wartime friend.

Mr. Silber

Belonging to an angelic race, Silber is over two thousand years old. I always imagined him looking like Colm Wilkinson, but with wings. That do me illustrated his personality well enough. Silber is an incredibly kind and wise man, who is immensely graceful towards everyone, even the harshest of criminals. He trusts God with everything, often times his life, and he can safely be described as a spiritual man. He has a heart for community, and tries to bring people together, and to be a healer among men. Even so, he doesn't hesitate to literally take up the sword, because he has a very, very good intuition for when God calls him to be assertive. Even though he's very sensitive to the feelings of others, he also doesn't hesitate to tell people sad or disheartening news, because he's aware that he's capable of comforting them even as he's doing it. Because of his age and personality, people are able to accept criticism from him quite well, feeling that they have been given free wisdom. Silber is a teacher and a mentor and a paternal figure to many, and brings out the best in people. He often encourages others to live freely, and some people follow him as he adventures and experiences the wonders of creation. Eventually, in a time of crisis, Mr. Silber rises to become the spiritual leader and heart of a giant volunteer military movement, and he kept the spirit of the movement loving and holy, even in time of a terrible interdimensional war.

Dr. Zerk

This is the second most prominent villain in the series, after the Evil One. He belongs to the same angelic race as Mr. Silber. For a brief moment, I wondered if he was an ENTJ, because of how engaged he is with theology and philosophy and other abstract concepts, so I ran him through According to that site, he's 91% extroverted, 78% sensing, 74% thinking, 95% judging, and 93% assertive. He's an incredibly fascinating character, so I'm going to dedicate a little more space to him.
>>>Starting with his extroversion, he's immensely pleased when he's able to share his ideas with people and influence him. He initiates many conversations and debates, and he doesn't back down from them or shy away it the subject matter turns uncomfortable. He's a natural at navigating through any discussion, and his energy and wit never dies down, but seemingly only snowballs as the interaction continues. The amount of pleasure that he gets from dealing with people is amazing. He's always dealing with people. He also really understands people, often better than they understand themselves, and he's several steps ahead of them. He's a natural at getting exactly the reaction he desires out of people, and and they don't realize that he's basically controlling them. Dr. Zerk is the epitome of charisma, and one has to work hard to dislike him. For those who understand that he's evil, he's considered dangerously charismatic, and he's greatly feared. He's well aware that his ancient age, being over nine thousand years old, strongly affects the relationship dymanic between him and just about everyone that he talks to, and he uses that to his advantage. In spite of how strongly extroverted he is, he doesn't have any emotional dependence on people. He lives a celibate life, and never felt tempted to fall in love. In fact, for most of his nine thousand years, he found energy in solace, and he built a giant castle for himself on an island, and he didn't feel much of a need for social interaction until he completed his task.
>>>I anticipated his relatively low score on sensing, because of his philosophical mind and the way that he strongly values art. He's what TV Tropes would call a "Cultured Badass," because he sees its importance. Generally, though, he only values art when it's sophisticated and well-developed, and he doesn't bother himself much with random displays of creativity. He views art as an extension of science and the belief that there's a God who brings control and order to the universe. He often composes music for the pipe organ, and it has a very consistent, mathematical sound to it. Even though he's very picky in what he will consider to be pristine art, he also acknowledges that in order for art to have an effect on people's lives, there must be a lot of it, and he encourages the creation of an abundance of inventive and novel works. When it comes to philosophy and theology, he isn't afraid of new thoughts, but he is meticulously organized and keeps track of his thoughts in a methodical fashion. It's important to him that all of his intellectual theories are unified and fully developed, and he tests them for consistency. He doesn't think of his theology or philosophy as abstract, but as practical observations of the real world and the way it works. He doesn't think of himself as a philosopher so much as someone who sees the world for the way it is, and whose perspective only gets keener the more he analyzes the world.
>>>The other score that ranked somewhat low was thinking, and I understand why. asked if he thought that, in teamwork, it's more important to be right than for everyone to get along, and similar questions. Dr. Zerk is highly realistic, and he knows when it doesn't benefit him to advertise his opinion. He's very knowledgeable on what will and won't work to his advantage. He's capable of shrewdly getting along with people he disagrees with when it will help him out on the long run. It isn't necessarily because he has any emotional desire to get along with people. As has been said previously, he doesn't have much of a strict need for people at all, not emotionally. His emotions aren't very strong, although with his age he's become extremely aware of them and where they hide, with enough introspection. He's smart enough to realize that it's logical to have a therapist, and he sees one regularly. Even though he doesn't have too many emotions on the surface, he realizes that they subtly drive his desires, and his therapist (and ISTJ) helps keep him on track and keep him from being blinded by such things as pride or longing. Because of this, it's very difficult to exploit his weaknesses, such as his pride, because he's very good at taking care of them.
>>>Dr. Zerk is very objective-driven, and doesn't stop pursuing his interests until he either gets what he wants or the pursuit is rendered mute. He's hyper-aware of what he wants, and he develops logical, clear plans for how to get those things. He's able to plot ahead and stick to his projections. Even when unexpected things happen, he usually has those variables accounted for. Since he's very well-balanced in most of his traits, he's also able to perceive things, although it isn't so much a part of his personality so much as it is a talent that he has. Dr. Zerk is very good at considering new information and adapting when necessary, but is usually more concerned about what sort of decisive action he can make out of new information than he is fascinated by information for its own sake. Besides, he rarely ever has to adjust himself when he takes in new information, because he usually had it accounted for far in advance.
>>>Now that I've covered the basic Myers-Briggs dichotomies, there's also the matter of who he is and what he does. Dr. Zerk, as has been mentioned, is incredibly old. He's a tall, handsome man, with shining silver hair and a well-trimmed beard. He's always well-dressed and presents himself like a nobleman. When he's introduced into the story, he's aware that he's capable of coming off as a wise, influential prophet, especially since he has the mytic ability to know all tongues and can summon fire from heaven. He uses his age and his knowledge of God to gain a monolithic following, while secretly he's in-league with the Evil One. The purpose of his wise teachings is not necessarily to bring people closer to God, create a society that's vulnerable to the Evil One's plans. While Dr. Zerk is a charitable man to the public, offering up his home as a shelter to women who are fleeing from abusive relationships, supporting the homeless, helping women climb to positions of power, and abolishing sin and pestilence from the earth, he does some very dark things behind the scenes, and people like Monomyth and Mr. Silber are aware of it. Zerk simultaneously enjoys the good things that he does and the evil things that he does, and is very fond of his enemies, because he cannot criticize them for being better than him. His two greatest enemies are Monomyth and Mr. Silber, who saw him early on for who he truly was. He's particularly endeared to Monomyth, who outwardly appears to be much rougher around the edges than him, but he understands who Monomyth truly is, and envies him.


Of the same angelic race as Mr. Silber and Dr. Zerk, he's fairly young individual who starts off with a desire for adventure, although he initially felt held back. He seems a little bit proud, but underneath it all he really does have a warm heart and doesn't want to hurt anyone or make them unhappy. His thirst for adventure is only matched by his drive for his convictions, and when he's confronted with moral decisions, he sees black and white. There are things that he cares about, morally, and he finds himself able too act on them quickly and decisively. Although he enjoys adventure and learning new things, he enjoys showing people the things he's seen and teaching them the things he knows even more. He has many beliefs that intuitively came to him, and he's very eager to share them and promote them, because he believes that he's destined to have a hand in making the world a better place. He eventually writes a creed stating his core beliefs, and Mr. Silber is impressed and decides to help share it with the world.

Danuta Wasser

She was a student of Mr. Silber, intially. Like Hector, she had a strong desire for adventure. Silber showed her so much of the universe that she had very few regrets. She also really respected Dr. Zerk, until she discovered the evil things that he was doing, at which point she hunted him down and managed to cut off his wings. However, she eventually found herself feeling that she couldn't live with Silber's lifestyle of radical love and forgiveness, after Silber forgave someone that she deemed to be unforgivable. Intellectually, she understood his doctrine, but emotionally she couldn't handle it. She renounced Silber and his allies, and rationalized a way to view Zerk as the truly righteous man. He took her in, not minding that she cut off his wings because he knew well in advance that she would feel guilty for it and that she would eventually come to him. No pun intended, but he took her under his wing and made her his apprentice, and she became a strong and important person in his movement.

General Justus

Whereas Mr. Silber is a spiritual leader, Justus is a powerful being made of energy with keen military knowledge, and he shrewdly commands Mr. Silber's volunteer movement in the complicated crusade to keep people free from the plans of the Evil One. He's immensely practical and good with military operations, and his hallowed reputation enables him to accrue the respect of many people who meet him in person. He's very good at practicing tough love and doesn't care the slightest about people's feelings, and his no-nonsense persona that can be very intense. In some ways, he doesn't have the greatest people skills, since he's immensely inflexible and he never lets on that he doesn't care much for socializing, but he's fairly charismatic as a leader because he understands quite well how to take charge, and has an intuitive feeling for leadership and a comfort with giving orders. People automatically accept him as an authority figure. Justus is famous for his unrelenting iron will, and rarely ever changes his mind on something once he's made something his conviction, although he did change his mind once in a major way when he met Mr. Silber. He was originally the general of a giant multi-galactic empire with an autocratic government run completely by one person. After meeting Mr. Silber, he realized that his empire was evil and unjust, and also disowned the honor-based philosophy of the fellow energy beings from his dimension, all of which which cased him to be exiled from his race and be seen as a traitor. It tore him from his most trusted and honored colleague, a fellow ENTJ, and neither of them got particularly emotional about it.


An extra-dimensional cosmic being from the edge of the universe who's something of a joker. I had a little bit of difficult typing him. He's meant as a foil to two characters, Monomyth, an ENTP, and Valerie, an ENFP, and he takes on some features from both. He has a certain energy and spiritedness that I normally ascribe to ENFPs, and he does a lot of things out of sheer fun. he makes decisions often not because they're logical, but because he feels like it. He's a true wild card. On the other hand, a lot of the things that he enjoys tend to characterize ENTPs. He likes to play devil's advocate and pick apart someone's beliefs. He's fascinated by other's beliefs and convictions, from Dr. Zerk to Monomyth to Valerie, and he simultaneously takes them seriously and not-so-seriously at the same time. He can be a lot like the Cheshire Cat and enjoy picking apart someone's situations. Also, although he had strong impulses and is very high-energy, he doesn't have any particularly strong emotions that he evoked when making decisions. At the end of the day, it's a wash. With all of the other personality traits, though, I have absolutely no problem typing him. He's an extrovert by a million miles, because he's insanely energized by interacting with people and finds spending alone time unthinkable. He's very intuitive, because he loves the abstract and he loves a creative mess, and he hates rules, and makes fun of them when he abides by them. As a perceiver, he's incredibly open and intrigued by different ideas, and people unknowingly shape and form his perspectives as he listens to them. He loves playing the part of the jury, and he loves it when someone can change his mind. He doesn't have too many convictions, and he doesn't try too hard to accomplish things, and often actively avoids getting involved in any sort of decisive action, because he mainly enjoys being an observer and a commentator.


Member of a species of genetic engineering geniuses, Dr. Zerk has him under his control. Jambo is completely insane, but even so is terrified of Zerk. He's a small, beetle-like creature, and he's often quivering and shaking in Zerk's presence. It's hard to type someone who's insane and whose psychology is completely alien to humans, but I believe I can fairly say that he's ISFP. If I had to second-guess myself, I'd say that he's INFP.

President Wellington

A Democrat, she was elected to the presidency with the help of Monomyth, who agreed with her on certain key foreign policy issues, but disagreed with her on just about everything else. At first I thought that she was an ESTJ, but currently I'm leaning a bit more toward ENTJ. Let's face it, both are very presidential. The trait that she's strongest in is judging. She wasn't elected president to experiment with different things and try new ideas. She was elected president to do the things that she said she would do, and she adamantly pursues the promises that she made to herself and her voters without much second thought. When she's in, she's all in, and she's definitely willing to close doors and turn down opportunities in order to make sure that she isn't distracted and that her efforts are divided. She focuses just on the issues things that she's devoted to, an doesn't worry about the peripheral details. Although she becomes an adversary of Monomyth after being elected, she nonetheless sees his usefulness and appoints him as a member of her cabinet, in part because she likes to keep her enemies close. She actually has a bit of respect for Monomyth. Similarly, she has disagreements with the popular prophet Dr. Zerk, and the details of his agenda cause conflict with hers, but she respects him as well. The major adversary that she doesn't respect is the political menage that is Than Wiessel. Like Monomyth, Than is a Republican, although of a very different sort, and Wellington absolutely despises him, and is determined not to allow him to accomplish any of his political objectives. According to her, Than is un-American. By contrast, she's about as American as a president can get, coming from the Omaha tribe, and owning a Bald Eagle that she keeps perched on her shoulder. She went down in history as one of the great presidents, and certainly left a lasting impression.


Belonging to a noble race of bird-like people, Hartheen is a co-host for a news show called "The Neutral Hour", which is known for being legitimately neutral on polarizing issues. I couldn't type his co-host, Luon, but Hartheen is definitely an ESTJ. They're very good at not taking sides, and are incredibly informative. They have a knack for analyzing situations from a fresh new perspective that helps viewers make up their minds on major issues. "The Neutral Hour" is the most respected show in interdimensional culture.

The Anarchist

A clear villain who enjoys the notoriety that comes with terrorism. He and his small band kill quite a few people for the fun of it, and to prove a point that the media glorifies violence in the way that they cover violent news stories. Although he doesn't quite think that he can reform himself, he does end up asking Mr. Silber for forgiveness after he kills one of Silber's friends, and Mr. Silber gives it to him. And yes, this murderous anarchist is an INFP.


In my mind, the definitive ENFJ. She's a very caring people, and get a lot of extroverted energy out of being present for others in need. She's an imaginative person who can easily join other intuitive types in their way of seeing the world. She makes decisions almost exclusively with her heart, believing that love is the answer to everything. It can at times be reckless, but it seems to work for her. Although she's very open to learning things from others and likes keeping her options open, I classify her as a judging because of how decisive she is when it comes to making decisions from her heart. If she feels compassion for someone, she immediately shows it. Amber doesn't think very much of herself, and thinks that she has a lot of flaws, but when she makes friends with Monomyth and Zeebee, they really trust her and can't imagine life without her. Monomyth opens up emotionally around her, and shares some of his deepest thoughts and worries. Zeebee feels that when the three of them are together, all is right in the world. Eventually, Amber is given immense spiritual gifts to protect those that she loves, and Mr. Silber tells her that she will eventually be his spiritual successor, and be greater than him. When she finds out that she will eventually also replace General Justus, she completely denies that she's the right person, because of her highly undeveloped thinking trait, but eventually comes to terms with it.

Valerie Van Voorst

Born to an elderly couple (ENFJ father, ISTP mother) with a terrible curse put on her from conception by Death himself, Valerie spent her early childhood out on the farm believing that she could defeat Death. She wanted to be righteous, and she was very judgmental of others. When she turned eight, Mr. Silber found her and healed of her curse, and taught her the wisdom of love and forgiveness. Since there were people out to kill her and her family, her parents gave her to Mr. Silber for safekeeping, and made him her godfather. Valerie then grew up traveling across different worlds, never staying in one place for too long, and constantly on the run from the minions of Dr. Zerk. She was fascinated by all of the possibilities of the universe, and always desiring to learn new things and become wiser. She kept a journal and wrote down her many reflections, and she had a lot to think about. For a kid, she thought about some pretty profound things, especially when it came to her contemplations of what it meant to live, die, have friends, and have family. She also had some very deep reflections on the nature of happiness. These pensive moments affected her feelings deeply. She badgered Mr. Silber with millions of questions, although he took his time with answering all of them, spacing his answers out over the course of her childhood, and he also let her figure out some lessons for herself. In their constant retreat from Zerk, they met many people, such as the Princess of Aaθ, Ütmar the Noble, Xek the Degenerate, Θəθθioux the Wounded, RM-12a the Child, and others. She didn't always get along with the adults, who didn't want her eavesdropping on some of the more adult conversations that they had among each other, but she shared a hearty communion with your younger peers, showering them with unconditional curiosity. During their journeys, they also witnessed a great deal of poverty, and Silber would show her how to help right some of these wrongs. Sometimes, when they dwelt among the poor and hungry, she discovered orphaned babies, and she wanted nothing more than to adopt them and to take care of them. Throughout her childhood and her teens, she had an intense fascination with babies. Although they never adopted anyone quite that young, there were a few special children, such as the Princess of Aaθ, that became part of Silber's camp on the run. Out of all of them, though, Valerie was the most important, not just because she was Mr. Silbers goddaughter, but also because she was the subject of prophecies, and she was destined for great things. People knew that she was going to be a hero someday, and some of the children, such as the Princess of Aaθ, always looked up to her to save the day.

Princess of Aaθ

A princess whose parents were assassinated by her uncle, her family managed to get her into the hands of Mr. Silber while he was on the run from Dr. Zerk, and asked for him to take care of her. I really can't tell if she's an introvert or an extrovert, a thinker or a feeler, because in reality she's just too young to be typed, although I can see her possibly being a really immature ESTJ. However, I know that she's a sensor, which contrasts her directly with her slightly older heroic friend Valerie. She was also a judger, whereas Valerie was a perceiver. She was high maintenance, whereas Valerie was low maintenance. She was a picky eater, whereas Valerie could eat just about anything. She was 4'8", whereas Valerie ultimately grew to be 6'6". She was a princess of a kingdom who probably wasn't destined to take the throne, whereas Valerie was the daughter of farmers and probably destined to be more important than any royalty. She was a damsel, and Valerie was a hero. None of these differences bothered Valerie, but the Princess of Aaθ was secretly bothered by some of them. She was annoyed that she was high-maintenance. She didn't like that as a judger she was incredibly picky on so many things. She wondered why other people weren't incredibly bothered by this, and it never occurred to her that as a child she was expected to be a bit of a brat.

Rob St. Anthony

At first I imagined him as a bit of an extrovert, and it made sense. He was a fighter, as in he would literally get into fights with people. He would hit the ground running every day, and he had a lot of energy. In a very extroverted way, I believe that he got a lot of energy from doing this. However, at the same time, there's the way that he deals with the group of ten people that he recruited to fight alongside with him, and to go on vigilante missions to take out Dr. Zerk's behind-the-scenes minions. While it is true that he's a fairly good leader for them and commands their respect, he's actually very reserved and keeps his interaction with them to a minimum, mostly letting the members of his little regiment interact among themselves while he either observes or spends time to himself, where he spends a great deal of time his own head processing the bigger picture of his life in a fairly logical way. They really like him and consider him a friend, but he thinks of them in fairly professional terms, and doesn't really desire friendship. The only person that he's really close with is one of his adopted brothers. Otherwise, he doesn't get close to anybody, and doesn't even have any intention of ever settling down romantically. Yes, it seems that he's close to his regiment — and in a distant way he really does care for them, without getting emotional — but he's just someone who can control a social situation without necessarily being outgoing, and that's mostly what he is to his regiment, someone who keeps them in line. When leading them, he's also very hands-off and likes to let them do as they will, and only really gets demanding of them when they're in dangerous situations. So back in the day I would have typed him as an ENTJ, but nowadays I think he's an INTP, although he definitely doesn't fit the INTP stereotypes.

Craig Regulus

Adopted brother of Rob St. Anthony. He never really got along with him or his adoptive father, in part because of their disagreements on religion but mostly because he didn't take well to calling them family, but he did get along with his other adoptive brother, Matthew Ford (see below). He had political ambitions and ended up finding himself in a position where he was able to establish an interdimensional empire. He was a Catholic who had deep theological disagreements with the Zerk and waged a holy war on worlds that hailed him as a prophet, personally fighting in the front lines. Craig's methods were highly controversial and not the most loving. However, he held to his beliefs very strongly and didn't compromise on them. He had a very strong, strict moral code that he had written out in extensive detail, and he never played his morals by ear. As strongly as he believed in his holy war, he also admitted in private that for all of his pursuit of wisdom, he was probably the world's biggest fool. He was never quite sure what to made of that credo, or how to live by it, but he never backed down from his holy war with Zerk's followers. Not all of Zerk's enemies agreed with Craig's methods.

Matthew Ford

Adopted brother of Rob St. Anthony and Craig Regulus, Matthew was an obvious ENFP with a major craving for knowledge and discovery, and has a fascination with science. He feels more whole the more knowledge that he has, and he thinks that he will be more truly himself the smarter he gets. Asides from the pursuit of knowledge and adventuring, he enjoys performing in his guitar, and he has a couple of musical friends that he plays in a band with whenever he has an opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. Unlike Craig, he doesn't have a strict moral code, and plays his morals by intuition. He simply knows the right thing to do when the situation comes up, and if something feels wrong, then it's wrong. His brothers don't make a lot of friends, and most of the almost-friends that they have are through him.

Yeon Icecraft

A friend of Matthew Ford and, by extension, Rob and Craig, he's belongs to a species that by its very nature is extroverted. He biologically needs company, or else he will eventually die. I typed him as ENTP because in most ways he fits a lot of the ENTP stereotypes. He can play Devil's Advocate, and he likes to offer people quizzes and puzzles. Ironically, although he's biologically required to be an extrovert, his extroversion is probably his weakest Myers-Briggs function, because he doesn't fit all of the stereotypes of an extrovert. He keeps a fairly small group of friends, and he tries to be understated and doesn't desire to stand out too much. He comes off as very sly and very elusive to most people and only really only starts relaxing and acting like a regular Joe when around his closest friends. It should be noted that Yoen Icecraft is an expert thief, and when he's fully charged from hanging out with people and can afford to be introverted, he gets his introverted energy from stealing things that are underneath high security.

Ezzɚt Vɚ

A Klek who's a bit of a rebel and an expert liar. In fact, he literally made some money on the side by tutoring people on how to be expert liars, and even on how to pull off big lies, but he made most of his money by being an expert con artist. One day, he caught the attention of Rob St. Anthony, and was recruited into Rob's regiment. Ezzɚt really liked the idea of fighting bad guys and signed up without much question, although he also had a more serious, secret personal motive for wanting to work for Rob. Otherwise, Rob made good use of Ezzɚt's ability to lie and fool people. Ezzert was also a gun enthusiast, and loved being able to use his expertise in that field under Rob.

Denzɚ Vɚ

Triplet brother of Ezzɚt, he's tall, thin, mysterious, and...I want to say unnatural. Everything about his thought process is alien. I know that an INTJ is supposed to be Ni, Te, Fi, Se, but I can't think of how any of the cognitive functions describe him. His brain is a paradox, and in no way does his thought process resemble human psychology. Nonetheless, I'd describe his behavior as INTJ. It's fairly easy to type him as in introvert. He gets his energy almost exclusively from within himself, and he's incredibly elusive and mysterious to everyone. Instead of socializing, he merely observes the outside world in secret. He's a part of Rob St. Anthony's regiment, but he feels like a ghost amidst the group, like a spectral outsider. He never engages in the social activities of the others, and when he does, he speaks in perfect poetry. The rest of the regiment actually finds him a bit unsettling. I'd describe him as NT because he has an IQ that's in the thousands, and he has an easy time understanding literally everything. It sometimes even seems that he knew everything that there was to know before he even had an opportunity to learn anything. The familiarity that he has with every discipline and field of study also feels quite intimate to him, as though he had a strong personal experience in each of these fields (I bring this up because there's a difference between knowledge we attain from studying and knowledge that we attain from personal experience. All of his knowledge comes off as personal experience knowledge. He never fixed race cars, but he could if he wanted to, and it would feel to him as though this was something he was doing since childhood.). He's also perfect in any physical activity that he pursues, and everything comes easily to him. Also, his poetry comes easily to him as well, because he's perfect at speaking. There is nothing that doesn't come as easy to him as breathing. The frightening part about all this is that his behavior and his morality seem random, but once he takes action, he's very decisive — and he's constantly taking action. Normally one's free will has its limits, and a person can be expected to act within certain psychological parameters, but Denzɚ doesn't seem to have those limitations. It seems that he's even capable of modifying his own mind at will.

Kθɚva Vɚ

The triplet sister of Ezzɚt and Denzɚ, Kθɚva is much more emotionally intuitive than her brothers and has a strong desire for social harmony. She wishes that her brothers could be a part of that, but she accepts that they are the way they are. At the very least, she knows that they care about her. Meanwhile, she has feelings for Rob St. Anthony, but she knows that they will never be reciprocated, so she tries her best to love and support him as a friend.

Drodus the Archangel

This one is difficult. I'm aware that Denzɚ was a psychological anomaly, but Drodus is pretty different, too. His introversion is fairly obvious, since he experiences no emotional need for socializing whatsoever. He never talks just to talk, but only if he needs to communicate critical information. He's always succinct. He desires that are stronger than anything that humans experience, but he keeps them under control and appears to all outsiders as someone who has no emotions. Based off of that, I can fairly easily type him as an IxTx. After that, it gets a little difficult. I flip-flop on whether or not I'd consider him perceiving or judging, but the area where I really have a difficult time understanding him is in sensing and perceiving. I'd consider him fairly pensive and reflective, but he's also in the moment in a way that none of us are, because his perception of time is different. Not only that, but his perception of space is different, because he views his surroundings with seven-dimensional eyesight. He's hyper-aware of the here and now and hyper-pensive at the same time. How do you type someone like that? It should be noted that he can also read minds, and it feels to him like he's experiencing other people's thoughts. This ability never turns off. I'm not sure if I'd label that sixth (or seventh or eighth, depending on how you're counting) sense as something that would contribute to him being more sensing or intuitive.

James Graves

James is cynical, highly irreverent, enjoys conflict, and likes to criticize stupid people. Well, I should say that he criticizes them, and then he kills them. His murder spree includes children, and he's even slaughtered babies and laughed about it. He wishes that he had a nicer side, but his urge to kill is so incredibly strong. For him, it's a biological need. Others from his species are known to wipe out entire species to satiate their appetites, and he's a bit more in control. As much as he can, he tries to only murder bad guys and stupid people, so that he might as well make his murderous tendencies useful.


A powerful, indestructible, seventy-five foot tall warrior, he's a fairly simple guy when it comes down to it. He knows that his purpose in life was to lead himself and other creations like him in a crusade to wipe out all life and herald the end times. He doesn't think much about why he does it, and just focused on doing it. Logic doesn't concern him so much, since he cares mostly about consummating the rage that has been a part of him all his life. One of the few other emotions that he has is pride, because he is indestructible and unstoppable and has every right to be proud. He will set out to destroy anything that threatens his image of being the greatest being in existence, although this rarely ever happens. Truth be told, his pride was only ever threatened once. Otherwise, he felt that his dominance over the universe was an inevitability that would come with time.


Whew! That took a while! If you read through all of that, congratulations; you must be one determined sucker. I'm sure that a lot of those character profiles were confusing, since they were taken out of context, and I tried not to include spoilers, but for my own reflections it was really interesting that I write them.

Anyway, go ahead and share your own examples, if you're fellow writers. You don't have to be as details as I have been.

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I've only started thinking about my characters in the context of the MBTI very recently even though I've known about the MBTI for years.

It's pretty enjoyable and I think it's benefited me in rounding out my characters in a more realistic fashion. Planning a bigger story than I've ever done before, I found it a really fun exercise to see if I could place the MBTI type of every character I'd come up with so far and more importantly, go into detail about how mature each function of theirs is. That way I don't have 50 ESFJ characters running around who all behave in identically. Some are older, some are younger, some are more mature, some are neurotic but they're all ESFJs.

What I'm struggling with is avoiding type stereotypes which is odd considering to real people, I never find myself being stereotypical talking to real people. I don't want to talk down to my characters. I have one character whose type I've had no good experiences with but I want him to have redeeming qualities just like every other character does. I want him to feel like a real. 3 dimensional person instead a cruel murderer with no desire to be anything other than mean for the sake of mean. So I'm trying to figure out what promising attributes he can have, whilst staying true to who he is.

I am treading carefully in this particular story because while I want my protagonist to be an INFJ, I don't want her to be identical to me. I want her to have different strengths and different weaknesses than I do. :proud:

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There are some other characters of mine from a while back. I'm going to change their names again, so on here I'll refer to them as Ewan, Evan, Ethan, and Eowyn. I developed them as quartet designed for really intellectual, educational humor that might be useful for college students, and I also thought that it would be interesting if they were to each have strong belief systems that they could represent. I specifically gave them each strong Christian perspectives, since to me it's important that dialogue between the different branches of the Christian faith are open, and that we view each other as friends within one church.

I also color coded them gave them each a bunch of other idiosyncrasies. So yeah, here's a list of some.

Myers-Briggs: ESFP
Bowtie color: Red
Doctorate: Engineering
Nerd Stereotype: Memorizes thousands of facts about comic books and sci-fi related media. He's a walking geek encyclopedia.
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Politics: Although generally an independent who will follow the lead of his friends, particularly Evan, Ewan believes that there is such a thing as good fascism and that some smaller nations should experiment with the possibilities of fascism to see if there's such a thing as a good model. He's aware of the negative, racist implications, and doesn't believe that fascism can be a permanent policy, but he believes that in-between longer periods of weaker government, there leadership should occasionally, for short periods of time, be bold and push through very ambitious, highly nationalistic legislation.
Romance: Ewan enjoys hanging out with the opposite sex and having a good time. He goes on many dates, but none of them are romantic. Girls find him cute and charming, in part because they know that he will treat them to a good time without expecting anything in return. He'll have fun playing the role of relationship guru and trying to help others get into first dates.
Ringtone: Ode to Joy
Other: Ewan is very friendly, and an outstanding optimist. He loves to entertain others and spread his positive spirits. He really looks up to and admires Evan, whom in many ways is his opposite.

Myers-Briggs: ENTJ
Bowtie color: Black
Doctorate: Medicine
Nerd Stereotype: Would rather talk about studying than normal stuff. Believes that in order to be called a nerd, someone must be addicted to studying, and can communicate his ideas in the most academic ways possible.
Religion: Roman Catholic. Really clashes with Eowyn in theological debates a lot
Politics: Democrat, although he's not necessarily always loyal to his party. He personally thinks that the average American isn't that smart, and that that in order for libaralism to work, the political leadership needs to be run by geniuses, so he holds incredibly high standards for his liberal politicians and gets much more involved in the primaries than the generals. Although he generally supports the Democrats, he often splits his vote and goes third party on issues relating to abortion.
Romance: Evan is asexual. Some would say, due to his close relationship with Ewan, that if he did have a sexual preference, it would be toward men. However, he has no desire to get married, admiring greatly the value of celibacy, and therefore abstains completely from developing a romantic side. He would much rather be a priest than get married.
Ringtone: Für Elise
Other: He clashes with Eowyn on religion and politics a lot. He can come off as a complete jerk, because he is so sure of his opinions and doesn't care what others think, but he's pretty lovable for it. People often peg him as a pessimist for how cynical he is, although he prefers the term "realist." He's often annoyed by Ewan's optimism and positive, youthful energy, preferring to be much more professional and "grown up," although his version of being grown up includes being very demanding and immensely inflexible. He is always working hard toward some goal, always has an opinion on how things should be done, and is always in the business of trying to get his way. He usually succeeds in getting Ewan on his side, and tries as much as he can to get the very neutral Ethan on his side (the "boy's team") and away from the more conservative Eowyn. Evan is comes off as very critical, because he very often shares his analysis of things, but in reality he has a very coaching personality. He enjoys writing critiques of art and culture, and strives to do so from the most academic perspective possible.

Myers-Briggs: INTP
Bowtie color: White
Doctorate: Mathematics
Nerd Stereotype: Has hardly any people desires, and basically no people skills. Uses big words and speaks in way too many technical terms, and often needs translation into plain English. It way too mathematical and logical in his perspective of the world for his own good. Is in love with mathematics.
Religion: Messianic Judaism. He is not ethnically Jewish, but chooses to immerse himself in Jewish practices.
Politics: Libertarian
Romance: He would be a heterosexual if he even noticed women. However, to him the female sex is a scientific and sociological concept and not at all an emotional reality. Lest people think that he's essentially like the famous character Sheldon Cooper, it should be noted that he has no disdain whatsoever for romance. It's just that he's so incredibly distracted by math, science, and logic that he doesn't have any focus left to devote to a woman. However, he's aware enough to understand how to at least respect women, because he has strong Judeo-Christian convictions on the matter.
Ringtone: Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Other: Fairly tall tall guy, dresses in all white, voted "Most likely to develop Schizophrenia" by his peers. Although he's an introvert, he has a seemingly limitless supply of energy, since he gets so much drive out of internal exploration of mathematics, physics, and logic. His brain speeds along at a million miles per hour. Although he does have his opinions, he's incredibly good at being objective and giving unbiased analysis of his friends' views, and they covet it when one of his fact-checks comes out in their favor.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP
Bowtie color: Silver
Doctorate: Law
Nerd Stereotype: As a typical female nerd, she's really concerned with the social harmony of her nerd group. Also, she wears big, circular glasses.
Religion: Christian Reformed. She definitely clashes with Evan on this.
Politics: Republican. She also argues with Evan on this. Whereas Evan merely looks upon her dismissively as merely ignorant and annoying, she looks upon Evan and his beliefs with complete disdain, calling him "Evan the Terrible." She isn't as picky of a voter as Evan is.
Romance: Eowyn's in love with Ethan, who is completely oblivious to her interest, and this makes her the only person in the group with any inclination toward romance. Ewan does his best to try and be her wingman in getting Ethan's attnetion. Whereas Evan often get's Ewan's time, Eowyn get's much of Ethan's time by asking for his help, which he doesn't read into in the slightest. She basically dates him without him realizing it.
Ringtone: Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement
Other: She's very passionate, opinionated, stubborn, and especially emotional about her beliefs. She knows that she's right, and she knows that Catholic theology and liberal politics are wrong. Like Even, she isn't too terribly susceptible to change, and will always hold her beliefs. She's very intelligent and understands law enough that she also feels quite justified in having her opinions. She strongly believes that her worldview is the best way to promote goodwill and social harmony. Although Ewan often sides with Evan, she often reciprocates Ewan's optimism and tries to be emotionally supportive.

What I'm struggling with is avoiding type stereotypes which is odd considering to real people...
Ah, yes. I suppose that if you come up with the MBTI of someone first, and then develop the rest of their personality around it, then that can happen. Me, I developed an intuitive feeling for them first. I'm very intuitive. It's like the character exists all along, before I imagined them, and I'm constantly in the process of discovering who they are. I identified the MBTI of my different characters after many years of developing them. The way that this is useful for me is that it allows me to ask questions and identify certain habits and temperaments of my characters, which lets me write them more consistently, realistically, and with more depth. Before I didn't have a word for how Lee Wiessel (see previous post) was different from everyone else. Now I do. I can call him an INTJ, and that gives people a rough idea of what his inner world is like. Of course, that doesn't provide the complete picture, so I described a few more things about him, and the impression that he gives other people. I should hope that when you combine that description with his MBTI, people reading that post should have a fairly solid idea of what kind of person he is. Granted, it still isn't complete, but if I asked someone to ghostwrite the story for me, they would hopefully be able to portray the character the way that I wanted them to be portrayed.

One thing that I noticed about my characters, now that I've types enough of them, is that I don't have too many ISTPs. There are certain types that are fairly common, statistically, but aren't likewise represented in my stories, so I realize that I might have to start consciously making some of my characters certain types as I go along, although I'm probably going to start with my intuitive feelings for my characters first and then modify them slightly when some of their MBTI traits are ambiguous enough for me to have a say in the matter. I guess I do have that somewhat with Micky Weissel, who could have been an INFJ, but I wanted him to have inherited something from his father, so I began giving him more of a thinking side.

That way I don't have 50 ESFJ characters running around who all behave in identically. Some are older, some are younger, some are more mature, some are neurotic but they're all ESFJs.
I guess that's a problem if you come up with the characters after you determine their MBTI. What I've noticed is that I have a few INTJs who are all completely different because they come from separate places in life and have their unique experiences, desires, and beliefs, not to mention that the choices that they make with their free will are all different. So MBTI only says so much. If you want your ESFJs to be different from each other, there's a lot that you can do to ensure as much.

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Not me, but I have an ENTJ friend who's into typology and is working on something, and she sent me her character outlines. Contents include: ISTP, ENFP, ISTJ, INTP, ESTP, INTJ, ENFJ, ISFP, ENTP, some undecideds. Also has all their Enneagrams and Zodiacs and everything. I won't get any more detailed though, since it's not my stuff.

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You have a metric fuckton of characters

Do any writers here also use D&D alignment?

Doctor Who fanfic "Gemini"

June Harper: Chaotic Evil ENFJ
Damien Mitchell: Lawful Good ENTP
Nathan Durst: Neutral Good INFJ
Arachne: Chaotic Good ISFP

Lieutenant LeValle: Neutral Evil ESTP
Colonel Leeson: Lawful Evil INFJ

Jacob: True Neutral xxxx
Shanjik: Lawful Neutral ESTJ
Skeerse: Chaotic Neutral INTJ

Kyra Sylvan: Lawful Good ESFJ
Alpha / "The Agent": True Neutral INxP
Beta / "Kathryn": Chaotic Good ISFJ
The Second Alpha/Agent: Neutral Good ESFP

Commander Yorta: Lawful Good INTJ
Chief Petty Officer Corx: Lawful Good xxxx
Lieutenant Commander Ket: Lawful Good ISTJ​

Urban Fantasy novel-in-progress

Alec Shorman: Lawful Evil ESFP
Charlie Petersen: Neutral Evil ISTJ
Amy Carmine: Chaotic Evil ESFJ
Jason Carmine: True Neutral INFJ

"Lipstick" Tony Davis: Neutral Evil ENFJ
"Mr. Black": Neutral Evil INTP
"Mr. White": Lawful Evil INFJ

"The KT Bomber": Chaotic Evil INTJ
Before being turned into a vampire: True Neutral ENFJ

Rilaina: Lawful Good ISFJ/ENFP
Krailik: Lawful Good ESTP​

Any in particular that I should go into more detail about?

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I'm, err, not going to list all of my characters. Fuufff, that's a lot to read through!

I definitely use mbti definitions for my characters after I've made them. I don't purposefully avoid stereotypes because I find my stereotypical characters are often my more popular ones... Doesn't mean they are 2 dimensional and certainly doesn't mean they don't break the norm at all but the less obvious characters people struggle to grasp and understand at first glance and get bored with them...

The types I don't have are ENFP, ISFP, ENTJ and INTP. I tend to avoid characters similar to me... not on purpose.

I think the types I tend to put more in the spotlight and more of are INTJ, ESTP and ESFP... They are my heroes... And, well, mostly, anti-heroes.

I also love a good villain and favourite is an ENTP because he's got an eerie charm and calculated intelligence to him. He might try to be one step ahead but his arrogance is his downfall.

If you want me to elaborate on them I can.

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Oh, yes, the person I was talking about is using those, too. Also Hogwarts.
Hogwarts Houses aren't nearly as important to me as the Alignment/MBTI types, but I do use that too from time to time:

June Harper is predominantly Gryffindor/Hufflepuff, some Ravenclaw, not the slightest bit of Slytherin​

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Do any writers here also use D&D alignment?
Well, I play D&D a lot but I am always bothered by the alignments. I find them too restrictive. Most of my characters are morally grey. My villains have good qualities and my heroes have moments of weakness where they deviate from their rules and it's boring making everyone 'neutral' because what dies neutral really mean?

Maybe because I find when I play a game and I want to do something out of character in a stressful situation I get a response like "That doesn't fit with your alignment, adjust your alignment" and it just takes away from character choices and development. Or when GMing hearing players respond with "my character is apathetic about this situation because they are neutral" and then they refuse to progress the story.

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Well, I play D&D a lot but I am always bothered by the alignments. I find them too restrictive. Most of my characters are morally grey. My villains have good qualities and my heroes have moments of weakness where they deviate from their rules and it's boring making everyone 'neutral' because what dies neutral really mean?

Maybe because I find when I play a game and I want to do something out of character in a stressful situation I get a response like "That doesn't fit with your alignment, adjust your alignment" and it just takes away from character choices and development. Or when GMing hearing players respond with "my character is apathetic about this situation because they are neutral" and then they refuse to progress the story.
Of course, but a lot of people also misuse MyersBriggs in the same way :rolleyes:

I'm 85% IN-P, 65% T. That's not a failure to distinguish between my being 100% INTP versus 100% ESFJ, that's the successful measurement of the fact that I am primarily INTP with my closest second being INFP.

Likewise for the alignment charts, I would say that

40-60% counts as Neutral on both the 3x3 and the 5x5
60-70% counts as Neutral on the 3x3, Neutral with Aligned tendencies on the 5x5
70-80% counts as Aligned on the 3x3, Neutral with Aligned tendencies on the 5x5
80-100% counts as Aligned on both the 3x3 and the 5x5​

And I personally would be
True Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies on the 5x5 chart
Chaotic Neutral on the 3x3 chart
70-80% Chaotic, 60-70% Good

Closer to True Neutral than to Chaotic Good
70-75% Chaotic, 60-65% Good

There are specific areas of my worldview that are incredibly Lawful, it's just that there are even more areas of my worldview that are either Neutral or Chaotic.

Or my Doctor Who characters: Damien Mitchell, Kyra Sylvan, Commander Yorta, and Lietenant Commander Ket are all basically Lawful Good, but Damien is the closest of the four to being True Neutral (75% of each, where the other three are all various combinations of 80-100% of each)

Plus, June Harper's "thinks she's Chaotic Good" brand of Chaotic Evil in Gemini is completely different from Amy Carmine's and the KT Bomber's "revel in being Chaotic Evil" brands of Chaotic Evil in my UrFan despite being no closer to Neutral (all three of them are Chaotic Evil on the 5x5). All three of them are 90% of each, but June's 90% is different from Amy's/KT's 90%.

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Blood World

Blood World, a Adventure story | SparkaTale

Daniel: ISFP (becomes an INTJ) (I often change my mind about what kind of IxFP and xxTJ he is, but this is what I'm currently going with.)
Marielle: ISTJ
Drexo: ENTJ (maybe an ENTP as Mortos Rex)
Alessandro: ENTJ (INTP as Advakhiel)
Emilio: ISTP
Brad: ENTP (I was going for ESTP, but this was before I knew about functions. The Ne is real with him.)
Kariana: failed attempt at my 1st non-ENTJ villain
Khamuel: actual non-ENTJ villain; ENFJ
Sachi: ENFJ (ISTP as Saeko, ENFJ again as Esmodel)
Margoline: ISTP (failed attempt at a badass INTP)
Dascalos: ISFJ
Trent: INTJ
Drusella: ENFJ
Nekris: ENTP
Verchiel: INFJ
Ralph: INTJ
Anja: ESFJ
Dorn: ESTP
Indrid: INTJ
Leon: ISFP turned INTJ just like Daniel
Alexis: INTP
Maria: ESTP
Cassandra: ENTJ
Chandra: ENTP (heavily implied that he used to be an ISFJ)
Kailyn: shallow attempt at an INFJ
Sorath: ESTP (no real hints of exactly what type he used to be)
Lynette: ESTJ
Selvina: ISFJ
Jophaniel: INFP
Hastur: ENTP

Corpse Country

Corpse Country, a Action story | SparkaTale

(As of Chapter 19)
Shao: ESFP
Ziya: ENFP (implied that he was once an ISTJ)
Leina: INTP
Malak: ENFJ
Kristal: ESFJ
Xellano: INFP (Stay tuned for chapter 20 tho...)
Chisom: ISFP
Sabrina: INTJ
Arlette: ESTJ

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I'm, err, not going to list all of my characters. Fuufff, that's a lot to read through!

I definitely use mbti definitions for my characters after I've made them. I don't purposefully avoid stereotypes because I find my stereotypical characters are often my more popular ones... Doesn't mean they are 2 dimensional and certainly doesn't mean they don't break the norm at all but the less obvious characters people struggle to grasp and understand at first glance and get bored with them...

The types I don't have are ENFP, ISFP, ENTJ and INTP. I tend to avoid characters similar to me... not on purpose.

I think the types I tend to put more in the spotlight and more of are INTJ, ESTP and ESFP... They are my heroes... And, well, mostly, anti-heroes.

I also love a good villain and favourite is an ENTP because he's got an eerie charm and calculated intelligence to him. He might try to be one step ahead but his arrogance is his downfall.

If you want me to elaborate on them I can.
I'll bite. Tell me about the ENTP villain. As an ENTP, I'm interested. I'm also curious about your anti-heroes.

And you're worried that your characters will give me a lot to read through, you must not have noticed my opening post. I'm interested enough in character pitches to spend an hour reading someone else's.

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Hogwarts Houses aren't nearly as important to me as the Alignment/MBTI types, but I do use that too from time to time:

June Harper is predominantly Gryffindor/Hufflepuff, some Ravenclaw, not the slightest bit of Slytherin​
If you're going to do Hogwarts, you may as well do Divergent factions as wel

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If you're going to do Hogwarts, you may as well do Divergent factions as wel
Westeros Families, going once, going twice, SOLD to the "What Element Would You Bend" quizzes!

Yeah, I've got my preferences – D&D, MyersBriggs – but there's a lot of potential categorization systems for writers to choose from :laughing:

May Child
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Jack: INTP
He's an unwilling protagonist, questioning the oddities of his roommate Sebastian and finding adventure with his best friend Demetrius after he begs Jack to help him find his uncle.

Sebastian: ESFJ
Jack's roommate who really enjoys sewing, except that he doesn't actually enjoy sewing and is using it as a distraction to keep himself from falling into a spiral of unproductively after being fired from his job at the packaging company.

Demetrius: ISFJ
Jacks chiropractor, and best friend. He convinces Jack to embark on a quest with him to find his Uncle.

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I took a while to draft a reply, lol

Hm, let's see... In the first book of my fantasy series:


Folancia Rory Phyrros or just Fole, MC, anti-heroine(?)
She’s an orphaned village girl I created who decided to pick up a sword and do something about the Kingdom’s rulers, who treat the poor and homeless very badly. She has a father (who adopted her) and spends her childhood thinking that her mother has died defending her (half-true). She’s surrounded by good friends who helped mould her character and therein give her some direction in life. She is a redhead and gets pissed off nearly half of the time; but she does try to control her temper. Meanwhile, she’s on the quest to uncover the murderers who killed her friend/nanny/family-friend, who was murdered along with her whole family because she refuses to let the murderers find Folancia and kill her (they have a thing against redhead, that much I’ll tell you). She’s impulsive and emotional, but can be very logical if need be (though I think that’s only because Kipper’s influence is growing on her). Secretly a vigilante, but at the same time a spy (infiltrating the Royal Palace in order to get the Meleagros).

Lucian Eiren, secretly the Crowned Prince of an elusive creature
Lucian has silver hair, but he doesn’t tell any human what he truly is and so he gets very closed up (which would explain his introvertism). He’s trying to do as much justice as he could to save humanity from corruption and hunger for power.

Delia Emil Sheridan, Lucian’ love interest and Folancia’s friend
Delia lost her mother durng childbirth and her father to an age-related illness; she always only had her brother for guidance, so she keeps this rather tomboyish side of her a secret. She usually maintains a ‘proper lady’ facade in front of everybody else, but she is actually very active and energetic. Lucian sees her tomboyish side as attractive. lol

Trahern Síndri, the group’s own smith, Annis’ love interest and friend of Folancia (possibly the envy of Kipper)
Quiet and somewhat tall, ‘Tray’ is the gentle-giant. He comes a long line of smiths (it was a family thing) and is connected to the group via Kipper; he was always kind and gentle, so when Kipper was bullied back then, he was one of the first to jump in (Fole and Annis, too). He has a thing going with Annis and that puts a strain on his relationship with Kipper.

Annis Rhea Eurushart, MC’s best friend and only female friend since childhood
The live of the group and kind of like a mother-figure to all of them (or sister-figure, if you like). She’s caring, fun and loving. Always there for everyone and has time for them. (Really explains ENFP, lol) But she knows that Kipper loves her and that she cannot reciprocrate that feeling. She's in love Tray and always has been... until.

Kip Perry Lenus or lovingly called “Kipper”, MC’s best friend and the brains behind every operations! (secretly Hal’s illegitimate brother)
Kipper is the unwanted son of a politician and his mother is a prostitute from a different Kingdom. Because of his past, he tries to make up for it by learning everything he could about everything; so he is highly intelligent and is very socially awkward. Once he had lots of friends, he got a little more conniving and sneaky with his social interactions; he used it to dig up information instead and that meant as much information as he could. He’s good with plans - lots of them - and he always plans ahead. He’s as sly as a fox now. Did I mention Hal slashed his eye? And then his good eye at the end of the book for good measure? This is a poor bastard, I tell you…

Hessia Bertram, MC’s love interest and Lucian’s lifetime bodyguard, secretly part of an elusive creature
Previously a prankster turned pirate, Hessia has turned his life around by becoming Lucian’s lifetime bodyguard - a pledge that meant a great deal for creatures like him. He and Fole share a scar that links them together; he could tell that she is hiding something
She has been disguising herself as a boy her whole life and then disguises as girl just to find out about him
. He likes to solve mysteries... or so he thinks. He's stubborn like an idiot, but kind. Sometimes he'd cuss. He has a sailor's mouth (well, he did almost end up as a pirate!).

Galiano Panereus, antihero, secretly the eldest son of a massive villain (whom he had run away from)
Folancia’s ‘adoptive’ brother. He’s a condescending coward and rude as heck; he doesn’t like how emotional and quick to jump to actions Fole is, because he thinks far ahead into the future, thinking up every consequences that could happen and he is the King of damage control (I call him that, at least!). He makes sure that Fole grew up as the right kind of girl, but when she doesn’t, he tries to accommodating the thought of she’s accomplishing her a dream - not necessary something he thought was good. Secretly in love with her.

Roark Leon Soren, hero and Folancia’s guard/swordsmaster hired by her brother
Like Tray, he’s tall and quiet. Doesn’t speak much. Any sentence that comes from his mouth would either be a good advice or an instruction. He teaches Kipper battle plans and his proud father/mentor-like figure to almost all of them except Galiano. lol

Macabré Thana Aeron, Folancia’s adopted father
Easy and lax, the old man’s eyes hides an ocean of secrets; he’s guilty and dark as the night sky. He’s secretly the man who killed Fole’s real parents and is Meleagros’ old accomplice. He has regretted his old past, but doesn’t mean he forgives himself.

Faust Thea, secretly the Steward of Lucian’s throne
Mysterious but cheerful, I based her character more on Mad Hatter. She’s always trying to peek/hear something out of people’s conversation, only so she could find out what she could do/give for others. A gentle and kind soul, she is generous to a fault; but cross her, and you won’t have legs to cross that line with.


Meleagros Maxim Balar, the corrupted Steward of the Kingdom and villain in the first book (secretly works for the darker side that remains elusive till halfway through the series)
A dastardly corrupted politician who wanted everything for himself. He joined the dark side (lol) and basically used this power to shut down any competition (i.e. heroic rebels and generous Robin Hood characters) by killing them. Once he proved his power (happened before Fole was born), no one dared to rise up against him… until.

Lieutenant Hal, Captain Sheridan’s rival since childhood and Melpomene’s love interest
Hal’s a sad character. He’s trying to live up his father’s expectations, but he hated to know that his father fooled around with prostitutes (and killed redhead girls just for Meleagros’s greed). So when he realised his father cheated on his mother with Kipper’s mother, he killed her and promised to kill Kipper too. When he took over his father’s job of grovelling to Meleagros, he realised the actual impact killing has on his father and when he had to kill Melpomene (his girlfriend), it drove him mad. He kept her alive by allowing his men to have their way with her and only later decided that she will live as a reminder of his mistake. He still loves her and his grotesque leadership is a way of him justifying his actions.

Cary Fenn, Hal’s loyal henchmen and friend (secretly has feelings for Hal)
Close friends with Hal since childhood. Has a need to please others, especially Hal. He looks up to Hal as his brother and hero-figure, until… when something spoiler-worthy happened.

Melpomene Themis Ward or Poume, anti-heroine(?) and Hal’s love interest
Melpomene should’ve been the most minor character in this story, but due to her being a redhead (and the attack that happened to her), she grows significance. Mel would do anything for Hal and loves him enough to kill people for him. She knows it is unhealthy, but slowly generates her own person whilst acting on the ‘other side’.

Apparently, Fole has the same MBTI as Sansa Stark (another redhead!). lol
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I write what I like to read. What I didn't consciously realise until I sat down one day and thought about it was that this meant I was writing myself. Or perhaps rather, many of my own traits and flaws, varied to different degrees in the characters.

So, my main characters tend to be ISTPs. I dunno enough about other types to make the call, I never cared. I definitely don't use types as templates, anyway. What would you for example type the stereotypical femme fatale as (think Chandler, classic hard-boiled noir)? Is it even possible to map that?

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ENTP - Very bright and creative to the point of being troublesome and sometimes cruel. Had a difficult relationship with her ESFJ parent.
ESFP - Naturally kind (though rarely shows it), and not very bright. He is extremely insecure thanks to an INTJ parent without much understanding combined with high expectations, and therefore extremely touchy and wildly temperamental. Lawful Good.
ENFP - Friends with everyone. Works hard at trying to get everyone to get along. Optimistic. She tends to grab onto fantasy visions of her future and hold onto them.
ESFP - Very chill, social, athletic. Long-time friend of the other ESFP.
INFP - "I have my booooks, and my poetry to protect me" /Simon & Garfunkel. He's actually very caring, but definitely can be a bit insufferable in a self-absorbed, "my opinions are right because they feel right and I have superior morality" special snowflake way. Ennaegram 4.
ESTJ - Doesn't know what she's doing with the rest of these crazy idiots. Very pretty, smart, and knows how to do what's necessary socially to project a certain image.

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I'll bite. Tell me about the ENTP villain. As an ENTP, I'm interested. I'm also curious about your anti-heroes.

And you're worried that your characters will give me a lot to read through, you must not have noticed my opening post. I'm interested enough in character pitches to spend an hour reading someone else's.
Touché, my good man.

Should I be wary of insulting you if I divulge my ENTP villain to you? Haha, who am I kidding, you should have a thick skin, right? I find him relatable... but then I normally do, they are my characters after all.

Most of my characters are from unrelated worlds. I don't create the universes... most of the time, I just focus on the characters mostly because I just don't have the time to actually write my own stories anymore. And most of my characters are unhealthy... So as to whether these types are accurate or not... I haven't delved that much into it, I normally just slap a MBTI label on them to give me some inspiration for how they might think.

This particular one comes from a 1920s universe.


ENTP, Neutral Evil, in his late 40s, glorious beard (obviously important to his personality), father of two sons, Norwegian ancestry, British citizen. Had a twin sister who was like the devil on his shoulder so to speak and he loved to hate her despite how close they are. She died but still haunts him (don't you just hate it when that happens?)

As a child he wasn't particularly extroverted, it took him a while before he began to develop a more charismatic presence. Had to deal with being the weird foreigner for a while so it took him some time to adapt. By his late teens he had an ability to either efficiently pull people towards him almost like a blind fans or instantly give off a vile presence that made others steer clear of him, obviously if he let people see that side to him then they weren't worth his time anyway.

He is useless at settling down, constantly shifting between jobs, women, whatever he can because there's no one thing that grabs his interest. That's not to say that he doesn't have a goal, he does, he needs to get political power as quickly and as ruthlessly as he needs to, as to how? Well he's working that out as he goes.

By the time he's 28 he gets a woman pregnant. They marry out of convenience and settle down in Wales. He gets a job in politics, starting off with law enforcement liaison thanks to his parent's political connections. He doesn't love this woman, she's too weak-willed and too much of a people pleaser to keep up with him. She serves no interesting challenge and will do whatever she's asked of. To his own surprise being a father actually becomes incredibly important to him, although it was never something he particularly explored in his vision of the future, his two sons become everything to him... even though one ends up being a disappointment and goes off to worthless flat art and rebels against him at every point he can whilst expecting to live off of his money...

He climbs the career ladder till he's basically second in command. By this point he's made as many enemies as he has 'allies'. He's never dirtied his hands himself, he never would, but he's managed to manipulate people to step aside. He's become enough of a master manipulator by his mid thirties that he has managed to convince people to kill themselves or kill others and whenever it's time to point of the finger he's completely clean no matter how obvious it is to everyone else that he's responsible. Oh, and killing people off in the war wasn't that difficult. All the while leading illegal and dangerous experimentation on humans and animals through government power. He has rather strong ideals of how the country should be run that most oppose off... would end up turning the place into a racist, police-state, dictatorship...

His pastimes include, hunting wild animals, taming larger ones... he'd be perfectly happy living in the wilds, probably come back to civilisation covered in the blood of a bear and wearing it's fur casually. He also enjoys time with his sons and messing with people, pulling the strings in a Machiavellian way and watching the peasants squirm.

His role in the story is to manipulate the heroes and push them to their limits, make them see a darkness to themselves that they find particularly horrifying.


INTJ, Lawful Good-ish, couldn't be more English if he tried (certainly more English than me). Has a massive family who all have types and backstories... but he's the most important one of the lot. 3 older sisters, one younger brother, a warm and open mother and a father who he hates to say he acts far too much like.

He's (now here's the cliche) a Mathmetician who teaches secondary school students. Also a world war 1 veteran and ended up suffering 'minor' yet permanent injury to his leg. He's the reluctant hero. He has strong values but he'd generally save his own ass if he had to choose and is perfectly happy being a quiet rebel to the system by anonymously starting up rebel groups rather than actively confronting authority. Quite happy bitching about incompetent people behind their back though. Not particularly courageous because saving face is pretty important to him but if he's fighting for something he's stubborn as hell because he knows when he's right, he's right. Has a rather uptight, rule-loving, unhumorous image to project to others when he can be quite the opposite when you get to know him but he's like 100% introvert so you have to be very forceful to get him to open up. Very easily influenced by his ENFP heroic values best friend who he thinks is far too reckless. While Callow worry about what's around the corner the ENFP is just crashing right into it... just as well he has a plan for that...

Appreciates aesthetics, loves any opportunity to dress up with subtle yet beautiful. He would love a jacket purely on the choice of buttons or stitching alone. Details are everything. Also likes photography, experimenting with darkroom techniques. (early 1920s, remember) Despite having a paternal side that comes out during his teaching he hates the idea of messy screaming confused children... so he's pleased that women are of no interest to him anyway.

Other worlds


ENTJ, Chaotic Neutral, late 20s, extremely difficult to get along with because chances are she has a snarky comeback to anything you say, especially if you are trying to tell her what to do because chances are she knows how to do it better than you and she will happily show you if you give her a chance. She's a leader... at least she wishes she was but she will impose her ideals on others whether you ask for her opinion or not. She generally only gets along with people who follow her beliefs and not people who create morals on their 'feelings' over efficiency or logic. Saying to her face that she's wrong is enough to piss her off. Saying it behind her back is worse and she's likely to punch you in the face. For some reason she doesn't have many friends...

Has had a bad experience with the criminally insane... in face her birth mother was one. She was pulled away from a toxic environment by her aunt and has little memory of what her life was like before that but she has a rather harsh view of the insane, believing they are better off dead than with society and doesn't believe therapy is enough. Her mental health is important to her, often caught with the hypocrisy of her own mantra and her own mental health. She spends her time helping victims of abuse and sometimes takes on justice into her own hands. Unhealthy vigilantism to remove the problems from their lives... Has killed some people in the past but she doesn't truly believe killing is the way to go, doesn't mean they don't have to suffer for what they've done... She's pretty damn good at interrogation. She doesn't have any pastimes because she's a workaholic.


Highly immature ESFP. Barely out of his teens. Chaotic Evil... Wants to be rebellious for the sake of it. His father, considered a hero by most left very big shoes for him to fill and he was sick of all the pressures and expectations were resting on his shoulders... so he responded with a "fuck you, I'mma do the exact OPPOSITE of what you expect of me!" He's a bully to help feed his insecurities. He had a perfect life, perfect family and in a way that infuriated him. He needed excitement, a chance to be wild. Doesn't actually have a plan for life besides experiencing everything he possibly can. (don't be offended ESFPs! I roleplay healthy ESFPs too... they just aren't my creations... XD)


ENFP on sugar. Peter Pan syndrome. Tech lover. Robotics engineer. Dresses like a girl who stuck neon glitter glue to her clothes and rolled around in an ironic statement patch factory and came out with a few bruises because of it since she's a clutz. Loves hip-hop and spray paints. Gets far too attached to her robots anthropomorphises them.

Others that I can't be asked to elaborate but will if you care...

Irene: ISTJ (Cyggy's sister)
Ceres: ISFJ (Cyggy's sister)
Damara: ESTP (Cyggy's sister)
Dominic: ISTP (Cyggy's brother)
Sara: ESFJ (... uuuh... daughter of Hades, belongs in DC comics)
Eleadora: ESTJ (actual Slytherin girl...)
Calum: ESTP (My fucked up Scotsman)
Sophie: ENFJ (My ballerina)
Rowan: INFJ (Alphard's eldest son)
Lawrence: INFP (My cinnamon roll)

and others... who I haven't typed yet. I got lazy with descriptions by the end... Haha...
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