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Female teachers and boys growing into men

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I found this link on Reddit just now...

and combined with the PC poll/thread...'s really got me thinking about how I've grown up.

I'm not so much looking at this article as a objecting to female teachers in anyway, but more about how society is shaping and molding boys to be 'less male' and be more passive.

Discuss please. I want to know what other people think about this article.
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This is exactly what I meant when I said that girls were better adapted to survive in the educational institutions. They 'work hard' and finish their homework on time, and that kind of behaviour is associated with being a good student. .
You are absolutely right in pointing out that it's not just about a women-centric versus a men-centric educational system and of course there's the difference in learning styles and their appropriate teaching methods. But I do think that there is a correlation between gender and learning styles and on this moment the the strict and orderly do-your-homework-or-else method seems to be the standard. This style also seems to work better with girls than with boys and therefore our current system is not fit for most boys to be schooled in.

This is because as children women are punished more often and more harshly for breaking rules whereas if boys break rules, adults shrug it off and say 'boys will be boys'. Women are expected to behave perfectly by social standards and norms while is it acceptable for 'boys to be boys' and break rules and get away with it. Maybe there is something underlying the feminine-dominated education system rather than women having an inherent advantage over men?
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