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Fi or Fe?

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Which feeling function can recreate the feelings of others internally through imagining and then act based on that feeling?

Between Fe and Fi which is more likely to pay attention to body language to infer internal feelings?

Assuming the first is Fi, does it use it's imagination/past experience to bring into consciousness the feeling they have had, and then assume that the other party(the one who originally was experiencing the emotion) feels the same? This would hypothetically be the subjective factor? While I suppose Fe doesn't really feel the pain of others, but rather externally acts accordingly?
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Neither, in both cases. You are anthropomorphizing cognitive functions. They don't "act," "re-create," or "pay attention."
What kind of words would you use?
(Genuine question, and feel free to go more general than the OP.)
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Use for what?
To ask whatever the OP (what you quoted) is asking?
To describe the judging functions without "anthropomorphizing?"

Don't really care what way you want to take it, both work.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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