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Fight Club

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I'm curious what you think about the characters in Fight Club. I'm going to go with these:

The Narrator - ISTJ
Tyler Durden - ESTP
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I would be willing to back ENTJ for Durden. Changing perspectives in others is a big Ni give away, and creating a system is what NJ's do best. Fight Club, could definitely be categorized, as such. An ENTJ might be more likely to actually "do" the reprogramming and Te dom could lead to a complete disregard of being swayed away from it. Plus, he was intended to represent most of what The Narrator wasn't, an outgoing, charismatic guy, that was "harder" and "had it together". ENTJ, comfortable in his ESTP mask, would be my best shot. Especially, since I believe the "ESTP projection" was intended as a symbolic representation of the type of person, socially speaking, that was someone others would deem "worthy" of listening to and following.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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