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Fight Club

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I'm curious what you think about the characters in Fight Club. I'm going to go with these:

The Narrator - ISTJ
Tyler Durden - ESTP
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Tyler Durden is INFJ - social revolutionaries (good and bad) would consistently be INFJ's.

ESTP's aren't worldview dominant (i.e. wouldn't possess that strength of hatred of society) and aren't extremists - Ni/Fe/Ti/Se sees the flaws in society and goes about bringing his vision to reality (starting at Ni to finishing at Se).
The problem is that I just don't see any overarching goals that he wants for society other than for people to cut loose, get back to basics, and live. These things just scream SP.

I think you and Tony are giving Tyler too much credit. I think he made a lot of decisions on sheer impulse that just happened to work out for him. Remember, SPs have a way with words they can spout off a lot of things that sound deep, but really aren't. That's what I see Tyler's "philosophy" as mostly being: things that sound good but don't have a lot of depth to them.
Se doms want to live and experience life through their 5 senses, not change/create/destroy society or systems like Ni doms.
Ah, but what is an ESTP's inferior function? An ESTP who doesn't have control over their Ni could be a very scary thing. They'd be persuasive, reckless, and driven.

Plus, Tyler is most certainly not a J. He's much too unpredictable for that.
They do have Ni, but as you said it's their inferior function so it is very (the most) draining for them - Se dom's just don't have the energy to push forward with change/creation/destruction of society or systems like Ni doms (Ni doms have Ni as there lead and most stimulating function).

J is not equal to predictability - especially in dominant Ni's.
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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