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Im not good at descriptions, but ill say this series is about the dolphin mcclane who wants to conquer humans, there are 18 episodes (12 dubbed, six upcoming ) and a comic, that im already translating. but with the 12 uploaded episodes i think the characters are pretty much typeable.

here is the first episode

The characters and my guesses

Boss- ISTJ
Mc Clane - IXFX
Archer- ESTP gone bad
Mirna- ESFP?
Murphy-IxFP or ExTJ but gone baaad.
Beluga- EXFJ
Chibimirna- ESFP

And here are some phrases of the show ...and the comic, translated by me. so they'll be easier to type least the cetaceans.


" What is the thing you love the most?, I love the twinkle in your eye "
" I'd rather be acclaimed for doing what I love to do than being awarded to be accepted!"
"If there was something that I learnt, is that everybody has a heart that can be conquered"


"I gave you money, I gave you power, I gave you women, I took them all, ungrateful!"
"You regretted the chance I gave you, thats why there's no place for you on the NEW WORLD"
"We are like a person with his money, McClane, we cant be sepparated (...) Youll eventually come back to me"


"Being loved is the only thing that matters! "

"Im not going to conquer all humans... Ill wipe them out"

"What do you see on those gross humans?! They ruined my life..Everyones life!"


(answering Murphy's last line) "I used to think the same, but humans are victims too, SO IM GOING TO CONQUER THEIR HEARTS WITH MY GAZE!, because everytime I do it,my heart feels joy doing what I love. If I could let everyone know so they understand whats important, everything will be worthy "

"I might be ignorant in lots of things, In fact I Am! but..Im sure of one thing ,Im a dolphin with dreams and hopes! "

"Im a coward (...) Is this the life I wanted? (...)Im not ready for the truth"
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